Daily Archives: December 1, 2010

Le bébé!

This morning Curly demonstrated an adorable milestone.  We have an office room off of our main living area.  It’s not baby proofed, so we keep it gated when Curly is around.  This morning after breakfast, he stood at the gate and did his version of pointing into the room and shouted over and over “bébé! bébé!”  It was clear that he was excited about something, but for the life of us we could not figure out what he was pointing at.  So we opened the gate and let him in, asking him to show us “bébé”, or touch “bébé”, or go get “bébé”.  But still, he just stood there, arm raised, pointing and saying it over and over. Finally, we spotted the new December picture on our calendar.  A baby red panda, wrapped in a blue blanket.  From a few feet away, it really DID look a lot like a baby.  We picked Curly up and showed him the picture up close and he joyously kept saying “bébé! bébé!”.  Then I took out another book we own, with a human baby on the cover and again, he pointed and said it.  So at 19 months, there’s another spoken word for the book.  Unprompted and unbelievably cute!