Weekend dramaz

Sorry folks, I’m going to opt out of the meme.  Strawberry did a great job with it, so I’ll let her answers stand.

We had our first night with one of the sitters last night.  She seems prone to drama, sadly.  She doesn’t yet have a car and the original plan was that her boyfriend was going to drive her, even though we’d offered to pick her up and then return her to the subway.  On Tuesday, she emailed us that they’d broken up and she needed us to pick her up.  Then by Friday, they were back together and he would drive her.  Saturday morning, she emailed to say he was sick and could she please get a ride.  We’d purchased movie tickets so were on a bit of a deadline.  And of course she was late.  I waited at the train station for her for 15 minutes.

By the time I got her to our place, it had to be a quick “here are the instructions, we’ll see you at 10:45” from Strawberry and a mad dash to the theater.  Fortunately, it was the latest H@rry Potter movie and there were a billion previews so we didn’t miss anything.  Again, she’d already met Curly and been briefed and it IS the easiest sitting job in the world, but we were hoping that things would be easy.  We’re booked with her again on December 4, so she gets another shot at it.  If it’s stressful again, we’ll go with someone else.

In other fun news, guess who had his first visit to Urgent Care this afternoon?  Don’t be too alarmed, it’s just the time of year for your average, everyday, daycare pink eye party!  There was one kid out on Friday and by Saturday afternoon Curly’s eyes were puffy, red and crusty.  We thought the pedi might call in a prescription, but when I called their answering service the voice mail specifically said that they would not.

Fortunately, this urgent care center was awesome.  They do same day appointments, and we saw the doc about 40 minutes after our appointment time.  He was kind and efficient.  Even told us off the record that the drops Curly gets are the same one adults use.  You know, just in case.  I’ve never been to a medical facility set up this way, but it’s brilliant.  It’s a big square.  An outer hallway with padded benches in alcoves surrounding all the exam rooms.  The exam rooms then have interior doors that open to the medical staff/ lab area.  There’s no crowded waiting area where you have to sit all jammed in with all the other sick people.  And Curly had a blast walking laps around the whole thing while we were waiting.  They have an onsite pharmacy, they take my insurance and they’re next door to a St@rbucks!

Of course, while we hope we won’t have to be back there again anytime soon, I’m sure we’ll be back some time.

3 responses to “Weekend dramaz

  1. wishinghopingpraying

    Sorry about the pink eye, no fun at all. Good find on the urgent care square though. I really love that idea! I hope your eyes stay nice and pink-free.

  2. Ugh on the sitter drama and the pinkeye. We came back to find that there’s a stomach bug going around Owen’s daycare. Joy!

    Hope everything is quiet this week.

  3. Oy. I’m not having high hopes for the sitter. Man…what a drag!

    Hope the pink eye is already on its way out!

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