Daily Archives: October 8, 2010

On the roadĀ again

So this was Curly’s first week at the new daycare. We prepared ourselves for the worst- a rough transition, tears at drop-off and pick-up, no napping, etc. Luckily, that couldn’t have been further from the truth. Sure, he was confused, but they said he did great…no tears. He has so far not cried at all during drop-offs, but is still very excited and hugs us at pick-up. He has so far napped at least an hour every day, sometimes longer. He’s eating well (healthy food!) and he loves his teachers (he even hugged his favorite one when we arrived this morning). It’s not *perfect*…there are one or two issues we have to work out, but overall it’s wonderful and Curly is doing so well there. We are truly relieved.

In other news, we’re going on a small road trip this weekend to a city just over two hours away. Meeting up with some blog and non-blog friends and their kids. We got a great name-your-own-price deal on a 4-star hotel on Pric@line, although that can be tricky with a small child because who knows if the bathroom will be big enough? Um, you see, we bring along our pack n’ play and set it up in the room’s bathroom so he has his own separate area to sleep and we can still hang out in our room and watch tv and stuff. We use the hotel lobby’s bathroom (tag team) to do our evening routine. Thankfully good hotels usually have large enough bathrooms to fit the pack n play so fingers crossed!