Daily Archives: October 5, 2010

The Great Pumpkins

We kicked off Fall with a bang and went apple and pumpkin picking with friends and their children. Here are some pictures.

A while back on the question post, Olive asked “What is your favorite tradition that you hope Curly will grow up cherishing (or at least participating in)?”  Apple picking is certainly one of them, as well as pumpkin picking and carving.  We’ll be going back for pumpkins in a couple weeks.  The actual apple picking wasn’t that great, (we went on a Sunday and I think most of the good stuff got picked on Saturday) but I had enough to make a pie.  I used my mother’s crust recipe and the rolling pin I remember my grandmother using when I was a child.  And Curly quite enjoyed sharing a piece with us the next evening.  I hope it’s just the first apple picking and apple pie in a long line of years.