Daily Archives: September 28, 2010

Permanent ink

An Offering of Love asked about my tattoo that’s just visible in the artichoke post.

I got this tattoo as a visible, external mark of the way I feel motherhood has changed me. My ‘mother-ness’ feels invisible whenever I’m not with Curly. I chose to have it done on the inside of my left wrist, thinking that this would be attention-getting, yet in the  months I’ve had it so far, very few people have ever commented on it. But I notice it all the time, always on the edge of my vision.  Just as motherhood is always on the edge of my consciousness.

Strawberry has a few tattoos as well, but this is her most recent, done on the same day and by the same artist that did mine above.

Cherry Blossoms

Here’s what she says about it “Similarly to Nutella, I feel that parenthood has changed me significantly, and I got this tattoo done to mark the passing of the first year (I will NOT be getting more to mark each year!) To me, the cherry blossoms symbolize the transient nature of time, the beauty of life and its moments, and the passage of seasons. Also, this is my largest tattoo and was a bit of a trial to decide on, to go through and to look back on. Which is very much like my thoughts on having a child in the first place.”

What about all of you out there?  Have you marked your body in a physical way as the outward reflection of something major in your life?