So long, it’s been…not so swell

What happens next in our daycare saga is the stuff that dreams are made of. Our neighbors have a 21 month old son and we were talking about the daycare he goes to. It is another USDA daycare and very close to where Nutella and I work (we work at the same place pretty much). We decided, what the heck, we might as well call their daycare and get him on yet another waiting list (we’re already on a waiting list at a USDA center and they basically told us there’s no way we’re getting in without being USDA employees).

So…I call my neighbors’ daycare and sure enough, they say there’s no spot available and we’d have to get on the waiting list. Well, wouldn’t you know…the very next day they called me back and mircale of miracles, it turns out a spot is now wide open in the toddler room. We did a tour of the place yesterday and nearly cried from the joy of it, paid our application fee, and Curly will begin on Oct 4. Yes, we know how lucky we are. The timing must have been impeccable.

This new place? They handle all the lunches and snacks, with a big emphasis on healthy food, and provide monthly menus to the parents. For example, if Curly were there today, he would be eating a bran muffin and fresh fruit for his first snack, baked chicken, zucchini, wheat bread & butter, and fruit for lunch, and strawberry yogurt and crackers for his second snack. Bingo. It’s more money, but the peace of mind is fantastic…and we no longer have to pack lunches and snacks for him every night! The center itself is larger, cleaner, more organized/structured, with a bigger outdoor playing area, and the teachers all seem wonderful. We were able to peek in on every age group and the kids were all well-behaved and happy, singing or doing crafts or having a snack. It was great. We can’t wait! We can also carpool nearly everyday and not have to stagger our schedules because it’s so close to work.

Hopefully this third time will be the charm. It’s amazing how difficult it’s been to find a good daycare. I don’t know, maybe we were naive. Every time we found a place, it would seem great at first…and then things would keep breaking down. Communication issues, improper hygiene/care of children, poor nutrition, poor discipline…these are all things we’ve dealt with or seen and it’s been so disappointing. I really hope he stays at this new place until he can go off to school.

14 responses to “So long, it’s been…not so swell

  1. Fantastic news! I’m sure the extra cost for the daycare will be balanced by all of the money you’ll save in packing his meals every day. (hopefully).

    How much do you care if the new healthy menu is organic at all? We’re trying to walk the fine line of making sure Owen gets the best food, while not acting like crazy people.

  2. Ohhh, I have such daycare menu envy!! 😉 Super exciting news! It sounds like a perfect environment for your little guy.

  3. That is great to hear! Congratulations. I was just thinking about you guys the other day when I overheard a mom singing “The Wheels on the Bus” with her toddler. All I could think was “TWINKIES?! And Gummi Bears? Really???”

  4. Great news. The extra cost will totally be worth it. The menu sounds a lot like the one at our daycare. Congrats, hopefully this one is a good fit – sounds like it will be.

  5. the move sounds very promising! SUCH a better menu!! i hope this one is THE one! 😀

  6. I really hope this is it! The food sounds good and that is a good sign.

  7. So Miles being the grandson of a USDA employee doesn’t count? Especially since one of Dad’s major goals in working for the USDA is for better child nutrition!

  8. Hooray – so glad it worked out. (Also, I wish someone would feel me that exact meal plan!)

  9. Wow! that is great! I hope all works out and no more changes are needed.

  10. Sounds great! Crossing my fingers that this is it!

  11. reproducinggenius

    What great news! I hope this one proves to be what you’ve been looking for all along!

  12. Congratulations on finding a sound daycare for your baby Miles! Hope that the days of daycare disappointment are long gone 😉 the new place sounds amazing, with the healthy food and bigger space, Miles will surely love it. Keep us updated on his first day new week!

  13. Congrats! And well done. I know a thing or two about childcare and it sounds like you found something great.

  14. Wow–that sounds like perfection. We are starting to research daycare ourselves and it just seems so. daunting. Good to know that y’all have found a situation that suits you so beautifully!

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