Daily Archives: September 21, 2010

The wheels on the Twinkie?

The daycare food saga continues.  Being the evil parents that we are, we objected to Doritos as an afternoon snack.  Then his teacher told us she was planning an activity using Twinkies but that she’d be happy to provide him with a sugar free one.  head desk.  Turns out she wanted to have the kids make little Twinkie “buses” with gummy life saver “wheels” and then eat them.  Cute idea, but room for improvement nutritionally!  I approached her about it at “back to school night” and told her I’d be happy to provide hot dog buns and something else for the wheels for the whole (3 kid) class.  I could tell she was a bit put out, but I told her we know WE shouldn’t be eating Twinkies, so why would we give them to kids? On the planned day, I brought some mini round pretzel/cheese sandwich snacks and some natural hot dog buns and apparently all was well.  But we are really really done fighting this battle.

I printed out a wealth of menus, recipes, and meal plans specifically for day care providers and expressed my concerns with the director.  She agreed that there is room for improvement, but the attitude from the teachers has taken a decidedly cool turn.  It must seem to them that our demands are outrageous.  They are very young (under 22) and are taking child care courses at night.  They do truly care for the kids, but for someone that’s never had any education in nutrition for themselves, I can’t expect that they will understand.  Everyday we pack up his lunch and 2 snacks, and think wistfully of the centers with balanced menus and a calendar of meals a month in advance.  Stay tuned on that one, there just might be a change coming, if all works out.

P.S. the snap pea crisps we talked about previously are not homemade.  They’re baked crispy peas, and they satisfy that salty crunchy craving that sometimes happens.  Except when we eat them we feel like we’re stealing food from the baby.