In need of a beefsteak for my shiner

  • Nutella’s new job requires her to work Saturdays sometimes (approx. once every 6 weeks or so). Luckily, she traded a later Saturday for this past one, and now she’s done with them for the year. So there were 2 recent days that I’ve called my ‘Single Mom Saturdays’ (SMS), and they were reminiscent of my FMLA time with Curly. Only way easier. I remember trying to go on outings with him at 3-5 months old and they were always so challenging. Sometimes we’d get to where we were going, only to stay barely 20 minutes before he had a meltdown. The first SMS, I met with my parents at a local park where we had a picnic lunch, let Curly run around the playground, and then walked a couple miles around a lake while he was perfectly content in his stroller. For the other SMS this past weekend, I took Curly back to a special place (pictures below) that I had taken him while on FMLA. He had fun running around and exploring for nearly an hour, no problems. FMLA just doesn’t happen at the ‘right’ time!
  • I am currently sporting a black eye, courtesy of Curly. I took him out of his high chair after lunch on Saturday, to go upstairs for his afternoon nap, and he was really tired and head butted me right on the bone under my eye. I’ve had to explain to my co-workers that my toddler beat me up. This was after he gave me a fat lip using the same method many months ago. A warning to parents: your children are not only a danger to themselves, but a danger to you as well.
  • We will be updating about the daycare food situation after Nutella attends “back to school night” on Wednesday. Just to give you a little glimpse…there’s a sign-up sheet for families along with a note about what you’re bringing to share. Everyone is bringing ‘cookies’, ‘chips’, ‘something sweet,’ etc. Nutella is going to bring baked snap pea crisps 🙂
  • Finally, I want to wish my dear Nutella a very happy birthday today! She’s the light of my life and the heart of our home, and Curly and I are so very lucky to have her.
I do not like this hard stuff.

FMLA, one year ago

I love this place!

Single Mom Saturday, last weekend

14 responses to “In need of a beefsteak for my shiner

  1. Great photo comparison…your SMS sounds like a blast.

    I’ve had some near misses with Owen’s head butts, and I’m sure I’ll get a split lip of my own one of these days. Just wear it as a badge of honor, right? Right?

    Happy birthday, Nutella!

  2. Your Miles and mine have nearly the same hair do. Love the curls!

  3. Love the photo comparison. I have SMS’s every third Saturday when Kim works.

    Erik gave me a fat lip once too and countless bruises from running into me with his big noggin.

    Happy birthday Nutella!

  4. Happy Birthday, Nutella!!!

  5. What a cutie! My wife’s ended up with a bloody nose but so far I’ve escaped major injury. I’m dreading the day our guy gives me a shiner. Yikes!

    Happy birthday, Nutella! I hope it’s grand!

  6. Happy Birthday Nutella!

  7. Ha ha!! Love the title!! Sorry to hear about your shiner! I worked in a Childcare Center 9 years ago in the 2 year old room, and one day one of the kids threw her head back when I picked her up to change her diaper. As I went to protect her head with my hand, I ended up jamming my right forefinger on the paper towel dispenser! It hurt like hell, but she was safe and okay. On cold days it still aches! Kids!!

  8. Oh, and Happy Birthday Nutella!!

  9. Yikes about the black eye!! We both have had our share of Elliot-induced injuries as well so I feel your pain.

    Happy Birthday, Nutella! 🙂

  10. Happy birthday, Nutella!

  11. happy birthday nutella!!

    scary about the black eye! i’ve come close a few times, but haven’t gotten visibly bruised yet. babies are so reckless about flinging their big, hard heads around! 🙂

    oh..and can we get the recipe for baked snap pea crisps??? yum!

  12. HAPPY Birthday, Nutella! Hooray….

  13. Love Invents Us

    Happy Birthday Nutella!

    This is my new favorite quote: “A warning to parents: your children are not only a danger to themselves, but a danger to you as well.”

  14. What a difference! I love the idea of SMS.

    Happy belated bday N!

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