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Daycare: Friend or Foe?

So Curly has been in the toddler room at daycare for over a week now. As always, there are good and bad things that came of this transition.


  • Curly sleeps on a cot and has usually been taking a nap of one hour or more
  • He gets more time in the outdoor playground
  • He does more ‘toddler’ activities, like coloring and learning basic vocabulary
  • He eats at a small table with the other toddlers (buckled into a toddler chair)
  • He is learning to drink from an open-lidded cup
  • He seems generally happy, no huge emotional change from not being in the infant room anymore


  • Nap time never goes past 2 hours, so if he doesn’t actually sleep during that time frame or is still sleeping when the others wake up, he doesn’t get to try anymore since the cots are put away
  • We don’t particularly care if he can drink from a lidless cup because he uses straw cups at home. And he always seems so thirsty when we get him home…like he doesn’t get enough to drink there, even though they say they offer him water throughout the day
  • Most parents at this daycare apparently do not care if their kids eat crap. So while we pack Curly’s lunch and snacks every day, the kids around him are eating what the daycare provides (ie. ‘crap’) If Curly finishes all of his snack and the other kids are still eating, he of course wants what they have and so they top him off with it. Yesterday that was corn pops. sigh. We feel like jerks to say ‘no, he can’t have that junk’ but we also hate him eating processed, sugary, nutritionally-devoid foods. I just have to remember that I ate crap growing up and I’m a pretty healthy person today. Curly’s’ diet will still be way better than mine was for many years.

I’m fairly certain that while no daycare will be perfect, there are probably better ones than this out there. And yet, they either don’t exist in our area or the waiting list is impossible to surmount (we have him on one…it’s been several months already and they still keep jerking us around about when and if he’ll get in).  It just really sucks to feel like you don’t have a choice.

As with most issues, it’s harder for us than it is for him!
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