Under the wire

Our new insurance cards came in the mail yesterday so we finally got Curly in to see his pediatrician this morning for his 15 month “well baby” visit.  That would be the day before he turns 16 months.  We weren’t expecting him to get any shots this time around, but we were wrong.  He got 2 sticks, the last of his Hib and DTAP.   His growth is slowing down, just like it should for a toddler.  He weighed in at 23.25 lbs and is 31.25 inches tall.  That puts him in the 50th percentile for height and 25th for weight.

We had a few questions for the doctor.  Curly has 2 very bad, dry flaky skin patches on the back of his hips and down onto his butt cheeks.  She diagnosed eczema as we expected and gave us some hydrocortisone cream to use twice a day.  Our other concern is that whenever Curly gets a cold or overexerts himself laughing or playing, he wheezes.  I had asthma as a child, so we wanted to bring it up. She said that in kids under 2, asthma typically manifests itself as harsh repetitive coughs and that wheezing can just be because their airways are still so small.  But she agrees that we’ll keep an eye on it.

Poor Curly was terribly upset after the shots and the tears pooled in his hazel eyes even after he had some juice and stopped crying.  The pediatrician’s office is across a large parking lot from daycare, so I carried him over there and was rewarded with a rare snuggly few minutes as he went limp in my arms and let his head rest on my shoulder.  He was so tired and we were hopeful that he would sleep even longer than his average 2 hours in the afternoon.  But alas, it was not to be.

When Strawberry picked him up this afternoon they informed her that they’ve begun the transition to the toddler room, which includes napping on a cot.  And he’d only slept for 15 minutes!  Needless to say, he went right to sleep when we got home and only woke up for a quick cranky dinner and bath.  We know it’s time for him to transition, I just wish they hadn’t picked TODAY to start.

6 responses to “Under the wire

  1. Transitioning to the toddler room….that sounds like something they should have let you know about in advance. And if you brought him in late due to a doctor’s appointment, they should realize that today might not be the best day for more changes. Hopefully, it will get better.

  2. Ugh, it doesn’t sound like good timing at all. Poor bub.

    I hope things even out soon.

  3. poor little guy! shots suck.
    (but what a sweet, rare moment of cuddles! i love those – and rarely get them either!)

  4. Poor guy! What a rough day.

  5. What a double whammy of a day for Miles.

  6. Pooling tears 😦
    What a day!

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