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Back to the questions!

R (Nutella’s sister) said: …maybe updates on how his verbal skills are improving or a post about the places you would like to travel with him as he gets older. Are you going to take him camping in the rain like we did growing up?

Just shy of 15 months, Curly does not say a whole lot. In the past few months, we have heard the following: hi, bye, apple, all done (‘a-duh’), banana, dog, book/ball (both are ‘bah’), up (his new favorite), mama…I think that’s it. But they are all very inconsistent and we excitedly jump up and down when he says them. We have been doing baby sign language with him since forever, and shortly after one year, he began signing some things back. He can sign ‘more’, ‘milk/juice’, ‘eat’, and ‘all done.’ Daycare has also taught him to sign ‘please’ which we spot him doing from time to time. Sometimes we have to prompt him to sign to us, sometimes he does it himself. He still resorts to banging on the table most of the time to let us know he wants something. Our little caveman.

We are totally fine with his communication skills at this point. We’ve read that it can take boys longer to produce language, and even if it’s not a gender issue, it’s still fine for him to do what he’s doing at not-yet 15 months. We’re hoping he’ll be much better closer to 2 years.

As far as places we’d like to travel with him…we’ve already brought him to some of our favorite cities, and we have a cruise planned for December during which we’ll experience some places that are new to all of us, and a couple we’ve been to before and can’t wait to go back to. We love traveling, and though it’s very different with a child on board, it’s still exciting and fun (and exhausting!) There are so many places we’d love to go to that we’ve never been to before, so if we manage to make it, those trips will include him. Our top 4 are Greece, Italy/Rome, Hawaii and Alaska.

I’m sure we’ll do a camping trip when he’s older, but hopefully it won’t be in the rain!

Where to?!

10 responses to “A little bit of this and that

  1. Next in Line

    Oh gosh…a little caveman. Ziya grunts. She must be a little caveman too.

  2. i’ve got a caveman too! during meals she grunts and bangs her hands up and down on her traytop. i keep telling her that we’ll feed her without the show, but she doesn’t listen! 😉

    cute pic! such gorgeous, deep eyes he has!

  3. mamaandmummy

    He’s doing great! He’ll be talking and talking before you know it. We waited and waited for our little nieces to start talking and, boy, once she did she has not been quiet since. 🙂 It’s still so weird having a complete conversation with her (she’s 3).

    A cruise vacation sounds awesome. They seem really kid friendly, too. I like your vacation plans, too. Greece is awesome and would be fun with a kiddo– the beaches are spectacular and pace of life is a little slower. And, of course, if you come to Alaska you’re always welcome at our place.

  4. I just read your last post – that first line made me so nervous! I’m so glad that the transition period turned out to be short.

    The cruise will be so awesome with your little guy in tow!

  5. I can’t wait to read about your travel adventures with Miles in tow!

    I bet that boy will suddenly burst into full chatter one day, like he’s been saving it until he had all the words to say exactly what he wants.

  6. “up (his new favorite)”
    Gee….I wonder who he gets that from! 🙂

    Thanks for the update, I miss you all.

  7. Sounds like he is using a LOT of words! That’s awesome for 15 months! 🙂 What a cutie pie!!!

  8. yay for new words and sign language! we can’t get D to sign anything back to us 🙂

  9. I totally want to take E camping. I said this to M the other day and she laughed out loud at me, but I’m doing it! Mark my words. 🙂

    Isn’t it awesome when they start communicating with you? It’s always cool watching their gears turn, but even more so when the new skill serves such a useful purpose!

  10. Jpants is with M on communication. You can tell he gets frustrated but he is not really talking in any sense. He does love the word up however. 🙂

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