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A little bit of this and that

Back to the questions!

R (Nutella’s sister) said: …maybe updates on how his verbal skills are improving or a post about the places you would like to travel with him as he gets older. Are you going to take him camping in the rain like we did growing up?

Just shy of 15 months, Curly does not say a whole lot. In the past few months, we have heard the following: hi, bye, apple, all done (‘a-duh’), banana, dog, book/ball (both are ‘bah’), up (his new favorite), mama…I think that’s it. But they are all very inconsistent and we excitedly jump up and down when he says them. We have been doing baby sign language with him since forever, and shortly after one year, he began signing some things back. He can sign ‘more’, ‘milk/juice’, ‘eat’, and ‘all done.’ Daycare has also taught him to sign ‘please’ which we spot him doing from time to time. Sometimes we have to prompt him to sign to us, sometimes he does it himself. He still resorts to banging on the table most of the time to let us know he wants something. Our little caveman.

We are totally fine with his communication skills at this point. We’ve read that it can take boys longer to produce language, and even if it’s not a gender issue, it’s still fine for him to do what he’s doing at not-yet 15 months. We’re hoping he’ll be much better closer to 2 years.

As far as places we’d like to travel with him…we’ve already brought him to some of our favorite cities, and we have a cruise planned for December during which we’ll experience some places that are new to all of us, and a couple we’ve been to before and can’t wait to go back to. We love traveling, and though it’s very different with a child on board, it’s still exciting and fun (and exhausting!) There are so many places we’d love to go to that we’ve never been to before, so if we manage to make it, those trips will include him. Our top 4 are Greece, Italy/Rome, Hawaii and Alaska.

I’m sure we’ll do a camping trip when he’s older, but hopefully it won’t be in the rain!

Where to?!