Daily Archives: July 19, 2010

Under the Sea

Life is moving along swimmingly. I realize we have a few unanswered questions from our ‘ask us a question’ post a while back and we’ll get to them, promise. The leftover ones require quite a bit of thinking, and some touch upon posts that we were meaning to do anyway, so they’re taking a little longer to attend to.

That said, this past weekend we met up with the lovely Love + Love family on a field trip to the aquarium. The boys were certainly interested, although Curly’s attention span for all things is never long. Still, we had a nice time and managed to have lunch as well before parting. A couple pictures appear below.

Toddlerhood is proving difficult, as expected (and wonderful at times, too). Curly’s personality continues to blossom, but those Terrible Twos (which start at One by the way) rear their head often. Taking away things he’s not supposed to have make him scream, trying to hold him when he wants down is like wrestling an eel, and as already mentioned, his attention span for anything is way short. However, he’s got an amazing sense of humor with a contagious laugh, is trying so hard to learn new things, and can be sweet when he wants to, even if it’s not often enough for us! He has become a pretty good walker these past couple weeks and chooses his new mode of transportation most of the time. It both delights us and keeps us on our toes as we have to follow him everywhere. Not looking forward to his learning to run!

Ergo is the way to go

Grabbing a snack

Checking out the jellies

I don’t think it surprises any of us when people ask if they’re twins!