Daily Archives: July 11, 2010

Beach baby, give me your hand

Aaaand we’re back!

The beach was outstanding. Once Curly got over his dislike of the sand, he actually had fun at the beach and tried all sorts of new bad-for-him foods. But hey, it’s vacation and that’s part of what it’s all about.  We went shopping at the outlets, enjoyed the company of friends and family, road bikes, spent hours on the beach, and visited the boardwalk. We were lucky to have had perfect weather, a balmy 10 degrees lower than the heatwave back at home.

As for having a 14 month old at the beach, some things were easier than the first time and some things were harder. No longer is he willing to nap just anywhere, so our days were centered around getting him back to the house for a nap in the afternoon, typically a 2.5 hour chunk of the day. While he is quite happy to eat new foods and sit in a high chair at a restaurant, his attention span is very short so much of the time, either Strawberry or I would have to get up from the table and walk him around so the other one could finish eating. He was, of course, a lot more ‘fun’ this time and seeing him really take in our vacation activities was a joy. And lucky for us, one set of grandparents were with us so we were able to have a few date nights thrown in.

Here are a couple pictures, but we’re going to do a protected post a little later that show all our faces.

So much for the water shoes staying on

Our dog likes the beach, too

The only way he would willingly touch water