Freeze frame!

We had an absolutely fantastic weekend, despite the disgusting heat and humidity.  We decided to take our Saturday morning outing somewhere air conditioned.  And so we ventured out to the mall.  We figured we could tackle multiple errands, the biggest of which would be getting a passport photo for Curly.  After the tedious experiences of the Puffer family, we were prepared for the worst, but it could not have been easier.  Curly sat on a high stool in front of the white backdrop, I knelt on the ground next to him and held his hands at his sides, Strawberry stood behind the photographer making silly faces and in 3 shots, we had our photo.  Some quick cropping and zoom on the computer and they printed them up.  We were in and out in 15 minutes. Puffer, I’m sorry you couldn’t have waited until 14 months to get passport photos, I can imagine the difficulty of trying to have done it when Curly was only a few months old.

On Sunday, we filled up our baby pool early so that by mid afternoon it would be a nice wading temperature.  Our new neighbors and their 18 month old came over and everyone had fun in the water.  Well, maybe the boys didn’t have FUN, but they weren’t screaming or crying, so I call that a win.  I can see our families being good friends as our boys grow up together and that feels very nice.

And finally, Curly was all about showing off his new “toddler” skills this weekend…

13 responses to “Freeze frame!

  1. mamaandmummy

    Aww! “I can walk and chew my hands at the same time!” What a big boy he is. 🙂

  2. I knew it. Walking to time to go to the beach!

  3. WOOOOOO!!!!!!! That is some fine foot work there, Mister! And I love how casual he is. So cute.

  4. Go, Miles, go!

  5. You have a legit toddler on your hands!!

    I hope our passport photos go as easily…

  6. Cute! I love it. And I love how he’s nomming on his hand the whole time. (Also, how great you have neighbor pals with a kid who can grow up with Miles. That is my dream).

  7. So cute! I love that drunken sailor walk that toddlers get in the beginning.

  8. hehe go Miles! Glad to hear a happy passport photo story for a change lol

  9. Wow! Nice foot work Miles.

    I can’t believe the boys are already in the kiddie pool. It’s still cool and rainy here and probably will be until at least next week 😦

  10. Wow! I love the transition to crawling 🙂

  11. Great job, Miles!!

  12. So very cute! Is Nutella doing dishes in the background? Funny, I’m doing dishes in many of our bean’s home videos for some reason too.

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