Daily Archives: June 24, 2010


So we got our first ‘incident’ phone call from daycare. Apparently Curly was cruising with a toy in his mouth, tripped and face-planted, and cut his lip. They calmed him and tried to ice it, which he hated, so they resorted to giving him half a popsicle to work on (not a bad idea we thought) I like how we were notified right away and received a written report upon picking him up. It looked pretty awful! We are still very happy with this daycare. Curly is officially over his ‘tears at drop-off’ phase. We have had ZERO issues with diaper rash. He hasn’t been sick with more than a mild cold (knock wood). And they seem to take very good care of him. We just wish he would nap longer. That should hopefully get better once he transfers to the toddler room.

On to the next question, this time from Two Moms, Two Monkeys: Do you leave Curly asleep and then go, or leave while he is awake?

We almost always leave Curly right after we put him to bed. We like to be the ones doing his bedtime routine, and since he goes to bed at 7pm, it’s a pretty convenient time to go out afterward. When our friends babysit for us, they know they’re just going to be hanging out downstairs while Curly sleeps upstairs. They may peek at him with the video monitor, but it’s a totally effortless job. They’re advised that if he should wake up upset, to give us a call right away. When we do need to go somewhere before his bedtime, we like for our parents to watch him. He knows them the best and it’s important for him to feel comfortable. But those instances are few in number.

Check out my injury!