Round and round we go

First off, Father’s Day. Curly is blessed with two wonderful grandfathers, which would make Nutella and I blessed with two wonderful fathers. We are thankful for them and while Curly will not be celebrating Father’s Day within our immediate household, he can certainly celebrate it for their sakes. His daycare put aside a couple days this week to work on crafts for Father’s Day, and we were curious what they would do for a two mom household. We weren’t left out though- we got a card and a mug with his footprint on it just like everyone else. We also decided to attend the Father’s Day BBQ on Friday late afternoon. It was very inclusive, but also kind of lame so we didn’t stay long…just long enough for Curly to get all sticky-sloppy while slowly eating a slice of watermelon.

Thanks to those who asked questions in the comments of our last post. We are always up for new questions or possible blog topics- don’t want to have jumped the shark yet! The first question appears below, and since the second question is R-rated, that answer will be locked down later this week 🙂

Jen asked: Did you decide on having kids before you got married or was it something you discovered afterwards?

Nutella has always wanted to be a mother, so for her it was a given. I wasn’t so sure, but since I knew I was marrying someone with such a strong desire to parent, I also knew what I was in for. Since Nutella was ready to go for it earlier than I was, we discussed it and came up with a time line as a compromise. It was probably about 3 years later than she would’ve liked (which I am still shocked at!), but I needed the time to get comfortable with the idea. Still, it all worked out in the end.

PS- SOMEONE may have been spotted taking two unassisted steps between chairs this weekend….!
PPS- …and also may have had his first ride on a carousel…

14 responses to “Round and round we go

  1. Schroedinger

    Miles is very lucky indeed– and it sounds like your daycare situation is lovely– nice to be included even when the party is lame.
    I hope I didn’t miss the boat on questions. I was so distracted by the macaroons I completely forgot.
    Looking forward to the upcoming anwers (tbean– you crack me up!) Here’s my question (totally random and not at all related to anything of course): When you were planning the logistics of adding a baby into your lives, how did you go about determining what changes you had to consider, what compromises to make, and how did you negotiate space to do not only what NEEDED to be done, but things that you wanted to do as individuals and a couple? And how much of that changed (or remained the same) after Miles was born?

  2. Aw, secret steps! Love those!

  3. Sounds like a wonderful weekend all around. Glad to hear the daycare was inclusive.

  4. …had to go back and look for the R-rated question! 😉

    congrats to miles on those first steps!!! what a big boy!

  5. Did he ride an “up and down” horse? As you know, I love carosels.

  6. He’s so lanky! Ooh, I LOVE the crocodile chomp outfit. Yes, I’m becoming quite the connoisseur of little boy clothing.

  7. mamaandmummy

    What a sweet photo. 🙂 Miles is going to be running everywhere in no time!

  8. Yay Miles, way to go on those first steps!

  9. Happy Un-father’s day, indeed! Nice that the daycare is inclusive.

    Happy late anniversary..

    I am looking forward to the question posts. so to add mine, what were the biggest surprises about parenting both the good and the not-so-good?

  10. You guys are totally sweet to indulge my r-rated questioning! I’ll give my answer in the comments as a thank you!

  11. aww miles is such a cute little guy! he looks so much older in this picture. congrats on his first steps!!

  12. Ooo! Carousel! You shall all have to visit next spring/summer when the newly renovated Pullen Park re-opens. That’s my favorite carousel ever (probably because it’s the one I remember from when I was a child)!

  13. I thought I had the password but I can’t seem to find it! Would love it!

  14. Haha congrats on the stepping Mr Miles! That’s cool that the daycare is inclusive, I often wonder about such things and how different places deal. I’m glad that you seem to have a good one for such things.

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