Daily Archives: June 17, 2010

Flowers, plants or linen

Those are the traditional gifts for the 4th wedding anniversary.  Strawberry and I celebrate ours today (as do Olive and Fern).  We met up for lunch and I bought Strawberry a new office plant since her old one met with an unfortunate accident. There will be a special dinner at home and then we have friends babysitting for both Friday and Saturday nights.  That’s about all that’s going on around here, although I’m hopeful that we have turned a corner with the crying at drop off.   It’s now been a few days that have been tear-free.  Yesterday he was very tired so I tried placing him in a crib for a nap right as we arrived and he sat up to watch me leave but didn’t cry.  Today he was more perky and after a quick cuddle in the play room, he voluntarily turned towards a group of older kids playing around a table and joined in.  I am so relieved.

We’ve been finding it tough to come up with blog topics lately, so we’d like to open the floor to questions.  Anything you want to know? Random questions are fine, too!

Updated to add: OMG!! She sent me MACARONS at work!!  I ❤ macarons! I ❤ my wife!