Daily Archives: June 4, 2010

Many a new day

When Strawberry picks Curly up this afternoon, we will have made it through the first week at the new daycare.  So far, things have gone very well.  Napping is still a work in progress.  Yesterday’s report said he napped from 10-11 in a crib, but then not at all in the afternoon.  So whereas we are used to him waking on his own at about 6pm from his 5pm nap at home, he just kept on sleeping.  We went and got him at 6:30 and he did NOT want to be awake.  When we set him on the floor to play for a minute while we got his dinner warmed up, he lay down, closed his eyes and sucked his thumb.  Quite cute and sad, actually.  Once in his high chair he perked up enough to eat (but not the steamed citrus ginger carrots, the troglodyte!), but was drifting off during his very quick bath and change into pj’s. I talked to his teachers again this morning about some napping strategies, so we’ll see what today’s report looks like.

The hardest part is the newish separation anxiety. Apparently, 13 months is common for it to show up, and boy has it!  We noticed it at home last weekend, and were scared about how it would play out with the new daycare.  Days #1 and #2 it wasn’t that bad.  He was excited about all the new toys and new faces.  But yesterday and today I’ve left him in tears each morning.  He’s not inconsolable, and he is easily comforted by his teachers. I know the best thing is for me to just walk away, but it tugs at my heart in the worst way.  The daycare center occupies most of the ground floor of an office building and the main room has windows all the way up to the ceiling that face the exit sidewalk and parking lot.  This morning as I left, Curly’s eyes tracked me while he cried, all the while sitting in the lap of a teacher.  I’ll be sure not to walk along the windows next week.

But those issues aside, we love it there.  The teachers and the space and the cleanliness and the educational toys and the happy kids and the DAILY REPORT!!  Oh, and Mr. Curly’s butt is rash free and clean as a whistle 🙂