Daily Archives: May 27, 2010

More shots??

Today was a day I’d been dreading for ages.  Curly had his state mandated lead screening blood draw.  Strawberry and I went together to the lab, and thank goodness we had an appointment!  The waiting room was very crowded and Curly was already restless after 5 minutes.  Fortunately, we were called back in another 5.  They informed us that it would indeed need to be an inner arm draw, but that we could hold him on our laps and that they had baby needles.  As you may guess, Strawberry did the holding and I cowered in a chair across the room NOT LOOKING.  He screamed in shock and pain for the minute or so that it took and then was easily calmed with his thumb and a few sips of juice.  Oh, and a sticker.  Which he proceed to eat.  He didn’t struggle at all and we are so proud of him and relieved that it’s over.

Going back to a topic we’d mentioned before, Curly is 2 weeks out from his MMR vaccine and the only side effect was waking in the night for a few nights immediately following.  Which we are 100% sure was from the shot, since it’s so very out of character for him.  Perhaps his body was busy fighting off the effects of the vaccine and that disturbed his sleep.  He’s been fine ever since.

In happier news, we finally got around to having a professional photo shoot.  We’ve been kicking ourselves looking at other people’s adorable baby shots, since we never did any.  But at least we now have shots of Curlyat 1 year.  We purchased a 1 hour on-location session with a local photographer and met at a park with a well maintained shade garden.  No flowers (the azaleas were past peak and looking sad).  Lots of winding paths, soft grass and undergrowth.  Benches and gazebos.  And billions of gnats.  They loved my hairspray.  But other than that, and a very cranky Curlyafter the first 20 minutes, we had fun and got some terrific shots.  Here’s a teaser, we’ll share the rest in a password protected post.

And in the happiest news of all.. Happy Birthday to my wonderful wife (and a few other fantastic Geminis in blogland).  I love you with all my heart.