Daily Archives: May 19, 2010

Anchors away, my boy!

Although we are not as brave as the traveling ladies over at Puffer and the Baby Fishes or Next in Line, we do love to get away.  So when one of the cruise lines we’ve sailed with in our pre-Curly days announced a sale, we got bit hard by that pesky travel bug.  And so it happens that all 3 of us will be sharing an interior cabin for 12 days as we sail the Caribbean in December.  It was too good a deal to pass up, as the ship sails from a city within driving distance of us, thus there will be no air travel involved. Originally, we were looking to fly somewhere warm within the US and stay for a week, but once we added up the travel, car rental, lodging, and meal costs involved, we realized that a cruise would be about the same.

We are both excited and wary about this trip.  Cruising with a toddler and cruising as a couple are very different.  Our schedule will revolve around Curly and his needs.  There will be no more dinners at 8:30 followed by a show at 10 and drinks and dancing until 2 unless it also involves the ship board babysitter who charges by the hour.  And no matter how dark the room, how gently we are rocked by the ship and lulled to sleep by the hum of the engines, the days of sleeping in until 11 are gone.  Now our days in port will take into account nap time and when looking at excursions we have to check age restrictions.  That said, we are looking forward to a warm getaway just as the winter begins, and sharing some beautiful beaches and turquoise waters with Curly.  But the midnight chocolate buffet will be just for the moms!