One year wellness

Today was Curly’s one year check-up. And he was actually “well” for it! The doctor asked lots of questions…what’s he eating? (everything) How’s he sleeping? (great) Is he walking? (not yet) Has he taken any major falls? (not yet) How’s he pooping? (twice a day) Is he drinking from cups? (straw cups) How much milk does he get? (~12 oz) Is he done with formula? (will be in about a week) Is  he saying words? (dog, bye, mama) How many teeth does he have? (8, working on 9th) Any concerns? (he has a couple little eczema spots that just appeared)

He weighs 20 lbs, 12 oz and is about 31 inches long…putting him in the 20th percentile for weight and back up to the 75th percentile for height. We have a long, lean boy on our hands! The doctor checked out his eyes, ears, mouth, etc and declared him to be healthy (until the next daycare virus strikes that is). Then the tech came in to administer the MMR shot. It’s the first shot Curly got without the breast or bottle to comfort him afterwards…just some hugging from his moms and soothing words. He gave one of those huge soundless-at-first, red-faced screams, and then after one more scream, began sucking his thumb and calmed down quickly. We’re very proud of our big boy.

We decided to delay the other two shots (last PCV dose and varicella) to be 6 weeks from now. The MMR can be a hard one, and we didn’t want him to deal with anything else right now. We’re both “working” from home the rest of the day so we can keep an eye on Curly, who is currently banging golf balls together and laughing at the dog.

11 responses to “One year wellness

  1. aw, poor boy – getting shots is no fun! sounds like he did great though.

    thank you for your advice about solids – i meant to write you back, but we were out of town all weekend and work has been crazy since returning. i sooo appreciate your thoughts!! :~)

  2. shea020105

    the downside of being a baby is all of those crappy shots they have to get. he did a wonderful job

  3. I love the image of the at-first silent red face scream. I mean, I’m sorry the poor little guy got a shot, but I’ve seen that face before and it’s cute. 🙂 Glad he was able to take it like a champ and feel better quickly!

  4. Les Make Babies

    Please keep us posted on how Miles recovers from and responds to the MMR.

  5. i think it’s a great approach to spread out the shots. i’m not sure why pedis don’t advise it, short of it meaning more visits from parents.

    i hope he recovers from it well! i agree, keep us posted!

  6. Sounds like a happy, healthy boy. Glad all is well!

  7. Glad to hear Miles was actually well for his well baby visit! and what a big boy getting through the MMR with no bottle or boob. MMR hurst more then the others, and our boys weren’t fans at all. Keep an eye out about a week from the shot, both our boys came down with a low grade fever 7 & 9 days later and on the 9th day both had a rash all over their body. Not bad, but definitely a rash. The fever for the little guy was more intense and lasted 2 days. The big guy had a more mild fever and it only lasted one day, though his rash came quicker and lasted longer. 🙂

  8. Forgot to mention that we also only did the MMR vaccine, in case of a reaction we wanted to know which vaccine caused it.

  9. Oh, I love thinking about a little boy banging golf balls and laughing at the pets. Cute, cute. Glad his shot went as well as could be expected…poor guy.

  10. Shots stink! Glad, though, that Miles was well for this appointment! 🙂

  11. The image of his post shot face and cry breaks my heart. What a big boy he was though. Sounds healthy and happy as can be!

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