What’s up with that?

Diaper sizing. Admittedly, we’ve only used a few brands and only 1 specific brand of disposables (for daycare and overnight) for the last 7 months, but the sizing is nuts. We went from size 1 to size 2 in about 4 weeks (when we weren’t using G diapers). Then we were in 3’s from 2-5 months and then moved up to the 4’s for months 6-9, then 5’s at 10 months and then almost immediately to 6’s which is where we are now. Most often a move up was made overnight first to account for the heavy wetting and poop-splosion first thing in the morning. And hey, for a kid that sleeps like he does, that’s a small messy, stinky price to pay. Let’s take a look at the suggested weight ranges for those diapers and compare it to what Curly weighed at the time:

NB up to 10 (we never used these)
size 1, 8-14 lbs (Curly was 9-10 lbs)
size 2, 12-18 lbs (Curly was 11-12 lbs )
size 3, 16-28 lbs (Curly was 12-15 lbs)
size 4, 22-37 lbs (Curly was 16-19 lbs)
size 5, 27+ lbs (Curly was 19-20 lbs)
size 6, 35+ lbs (Curly is currently 21 lbs)

This is absurd!! I mean, where do we go from here? Do I need to start buying him Depends? He’s always been tall, with a long torso. Around the waist isn’t so much of an issue, the side tabs are very stretchy, but the leg elastic is tight and he’s always seemed to need more room in the rise. Oh, and percentile wise, right now he’s 50% for height and 20% for weight. What on earth do the parents with the 90% babies do?

Disclaimer: we’re not looking for advice, just wanted to share a funny rant. And no, we are not interested in cloth though we are experimenting with a few brands of hybrids and still love the G’s.

Test driving a Gro-baby

17 responses to “What’s up with that?

  1. That’s crazy!!! Holland just moved to 4’s!

  2. That’s really bizarre that he is in 6s. Is he really that big around? Wow.

    Punk has been in size 4 disposables for over a year, I think. They’re a little snug and she could move into 5s, but since there are less in a pack and I’m cheap, why bother? She only wears one at night time.

    Size 6 diapers are HUGE.

  3. Are those diapers really $45 for 35??? Holy monkey! We’d surely have to sell our house just to pay for diapers for the twins!

  4. i think it’s a case of 140 for $45…

  5. Jude, it’s not that’s he’s big around, it’s that he’s big from his navel to his back. But yeah, we agree it’s weird.

    2M2M, that link is to cases. They are NOT that pricey. I play sales and coupons at the baby store and get them for about $12 a package.

  6. Wow that is one big boy. E just moved to 3s. We found that she didn’t fit well into pampers and we use huggies now. They seem to fit her “problem” areas of her thighs and belly. Is there a different brand that might work better your lanky boy?

  7. Wow, that’s amazing! Is it more about absorbency needed versus diaper size? We only use disposables overnight but E wears a size 4 (at 13 months) with room to spare, and he’s 75th percentile and up on his measures.

  8. Owen is 90th percentile in height, and is headed to 4’s at 5 months, about 17 pounds. I feel like we just sped right through 3s.

  9. All brands are different and we had to switch brands because our first brand did not fit his shape. We finally found some that work wonders and he is in size 3 at 4 months, and they range from 16-24lbs and he is 16 pounds. Just about perfect… It is a maddening process and I stocked up on brand 1 prior to birth and had to return a crazy number of diapers to the store.

  10. that’s so strange. our daughter is 19 pounds, 75% height and weights, and still easily fits the size 3 diapers.

  11. Les Make Babies

    What an awesome picture! I want to chomp on those legs!!

  12. reproducinggenius

    That’s crazy! We have the opposite going on with BG–he always tends toward the small, yet he’s been in the higher percentiles for height and weight his whole life. In fact, on our one-size pocket diapers, we only just now graduated him to the second size, which is supposed to start at something like 15 lbs (he’s closer to 20). He’s still in a size 3 disposable. I think it just goes to show that those weight ranges are unreliable at best.

    Love that photo. So, so cute!

  13. That’s hilarious. Our son Erik was in the 6’s for AGES, though. In fact, he wore them until he toilet trained just in the past couple of months (he’s 3.)

    I do think a lot of it is body type. Erik is tall and sturdy with a long torso and shorter legs. He was always 90th percentile for both height and weight. Good luck, I hope he doesn’t outgrow them anytime soon.

    Awesome picture.

  14. Do y’all watch SNL? Your blog post title just got that skit in my head and now I’m laughing thinking of the ways that actor would address your situation.

    That picture is so adorable!

  15. It is funny how the different brands fit. Our bean is 95th percentile for both height and weight and she’s been in a size 4 for months, although I thought we’d be in your situation by now. We did try your brand for a bit and they didn’t work for other reasons, but we also thought they ran small.

  16. ooh, the things we have in store! this is useful…we are debating diaper options. so much info out there. yowza. cute photo!

  17. yep, I also think it’s the brand. Nina is about 20 pounds (her h/w have been in the 90s always), and wears Pampers (not drimax) at night, size 3. Even when she has nursed 100 times in a night, we’ve not had leakage, and she has both a long torso and CHUNK legs. Other than overnight, we do BG AIOs no problem and gDiapers medium cloth inserts no problem. hth?

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