11 down, 1 to go!

I’m glad you all appreciated our April Fools joke yesterday, though I have to admit…I’m a little worried that so many people thought it was true!! We did play hooky, but it was just Nutella and I. Curly really does love daycare and we try not to mess with his weekly routine much. Plus, we wanted a little couple time and had a really lovely, refreshing day together (no tattooing involved this time). See how I’m defending it though? There’s definitely a little bit of guilt involved, but we are very much looking forward to spending this weekend, which is supposed to be just as beautiful, with our boy…and will try to be outside with him as much as possible.

So Curly turned 11 months yesterday and we are starting to feel like we can’t refer to him as a “baby” anymore! He is such a little boy now, it’s crazy. We have noticed recently that his language skills are (finally) starting to blossom. He babbles much of the time now, and has started to mimic us when we repeat certain words. We’re pretty sure he knows the word “dog” and will frequently say “Da!” when he spots our dog, once or twice saying “Da-Ga!” He likes to play with the caps of his bottles, and paid very close attention to us when we repeated “CAP” over and over, trying to figure out how to make the hard ‘C’ sound himself. It ended up sounding like “Dat” or “Ta”, but he’s trying! We are overjoyed about his burgeoning language skills, since up to this point he’s been focused so much more on the physical.

No interest in walking yet, though he cruises very fast and will take steps if he’s in a good mood while we’re holding his hands (otherwise he just wants his hands back). He will also walk with his walker car toy, but it’s obvious he feels much safer crawling. He is into everything though, and you can’t turn your back on him for a minute!

I'm almost one, *spppt!!*

17 responses to “11 down, 1 to go!

  1. 11 months already?? Where did the time go?

    I think it is great that you and Nutella took some time for yourself, and that it was a restful day!

  2. love that photo 🙂 it looks like, to me, he’s waiting for you to turn away so he can dash off.

  3. such a handsome-handsome! you’re lucky you got him to stay still enough to take that lovely pic!

  4. He IS a little boy! Getting so big. My friend’s daughter turned one this past wknd, and she had no interest in walking until the last week or two. Suddenly she’s very mobile! I’m sure your little guy will be running before you know it. I love his big beautiful eyes!

    Enjoy your wknd! It is going to be gorgeous!

  5. damn thats a cute picture!

    sounds like ya’ll have a lovely day yesterday! im inspired…i want a play-hookey day soon!

  6. I’ve heard that lots of babies focus on the physical development first and once they are mobile direct their focus to language development…very, very true for Little J.
    Miles is so cute. 🙂

  7. wow 11 months! they grow so freaking fast its hard to believe.

  8. When did he get so big??? I can’t wait to see you all tomorrow! Hopefully Miles won’t freak out since I haven’t seen him in so long.

  9. HA! I hope you two do wind up getting those tattoos though–it is such a cute idea. Glad you had a nice day together.
    That picture is so cute–love those little lips!

  10. Can’t believe he’s 11 months. And so cute!

    Don’t worry about the language thing. Erik was the same, he never babbled much as a baby at all and we used to worry. In fact, I was looking back at my blog and saw that he didn’t make the sound “ma-ma” until he was 10 months old. But suddenly his language just exploded and he ended up being an early talker. Like someone said above, he was very focused on the physical stuff first, figuring out how to crawl, then walk, and once that was done he started talking. Now he talks non-stop. LOL.

  11. He is such a cute little boy! it’s amazing how big he is now!

  12. mamaandmummy

    Man, is he ever cute. I’m seeing some boy in there amongst the baby–how exciting!

  13. Wow, what happened to the last 11 months??? It seems like suck a short time ago I was reading posts about Nutella near death from puking and now he’s almost a year! And what a perfect year it has been.

    Exciting he’s starting to talk!

  14. Shame on me for misplacing your password! Can you please resend?

  15. OH my!! What a big boy!!! I love that he’s starting to talk — I would love to hear a little audio on that one. 🙂

  16. Hi. May I have your password?

  17. Somehow your blog fell off my Google Reader, so I apoplogize for being absent lately. I am now catching up– I missed so much! I would also love your password, too.

    Thanks & thanks especially for your very kind comments. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate them.

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