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Who wants to be normal?

It’s that 10 things about you meme.  We’ve been tagged twice (thanks Love Invents Us and Mama Karma), so it’s 2 for the price of one.


1. I have 3 tattoos and am currently considering a fourth. This was after I told myself that 3 were enough (after I said that two were enough)…

2. I love reading historical fiction, specifically Renaissance England-based or Egyptian/Roman-based.

3. I try to write every single day, whether it’s blogging in various places, in a personal journal, or stories/memoirs. Writing is my single greatest outlet.

4. I love animals. People in general, not so much.

5. I am a Gemini and frequently cannot easily make a decision and/or find myself in two minds about most things. Luckily I don’t think it bothers Nutella too much…she’s amused by it.

6. I get excited about celebrating commercial holidays, like Valentine’s Day and Halloween.

7. I LOVE bacon. Salty, crunchy, greasy bacon is a comfort food to me.

8. My fears include spiders and heights. Both make me freeze up.

9. I’ve acted in 4 community theatre plays but I think I’m done with being in theatre. I didn’t get into it until late (after college) and both the timing and my drive aren’t what they used to be.

10. I began majoring in Zoology in college, then switched to Psychology (that’s what my degree is in), and now I’m a code monkey.


1. I hold a degree in Musical Theatre.  Pre-baby, I did 2-4 shows a year in pro, semi-pro, and community theatre.  I miss it terribly but it will be a few more years until I can get back into it.

2. I don’t like to clean, but if it’s a particularly gross job that only has to get done occasionally, I don’t mind too much and even find it somewhat satisfying.  Example: cleaning out a clogged drain.

3. I hate electric can openers. Especially communal ones, like those in the kitchen at work.  I keep a manual one in my desk.

4. I’m a cat person, but we can’t have a cat because of Strawberry’s allergies.  This makes me a shameless cat flirt at other people’s houses.

5. I’m FB friends and/or real life friends with all but 1 of my 4 exes.

6. I came out at 17 but never dated or had a girlfriend until I was 21.

7. I’m a terrible speller, and according to Strawberry, a terrible typist, but I get by.

8.  I own an entire large storage bin of costumes to wear to Renaissance Festivals, and I made most of them, the most recent without patterns.

9.  My first paying job was as a singing cocktail waitress on a river cruise boat.

10.  I can fit my entire fist into my mouth.

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