Daily Archives: March 25, 2010

Bottomless pit

I chose that title because Strawberry thinks “Hoover” has negative connotations when applied to our son.

At dinner tonight, we got a tiny glimpse into Curly’s teenage years of eating us out of house and home.  He ate a turkey meatball, noodles, green beans, puffs, and 2 ounces of whole milk in the span of 10 minutes. Half an hour later, after his bath, he downed a full 6 ounces of formula.  It’s right on time, too.  As we approach the one year mark, we have begun to think on weaning him off of bottles and formula and transitioning him to getting most of his calories and nutrition from a solid diet, supplemented by whole milk.  We are lucky in that at this point he’s pretty much eaten whatever we put in front of him.  The 3 small meals we send to daycare each day are devoured, according to his care provider.

Starting next week we’ll be increasing the portion sizes and asking her to make his bottles smaller.  We sent a sippy cup for water to be offered along with meals a few weeks ago, but he’s not great with it.  At home, he much prefers to drink either water or milk from a straw in an open cup held by one of us.  He’s used the straw sippy before, but doesn’t love it.  We’ll keep trying and he’ll get it soon,  especially when bottles are no longer in the picture.  The plan is for the day care bottles to go first.  They’re pros, let them deal with the resulting tantrums.  Then the evening bottle will go, replaced with more food and milk at the evening meal and perhaps a sippy with the pre-bedtime cuddle.  The morning bottle will be the last to go, but we hope to be bottle free by 14 months.  If anyone has advice to offer on this plan, feel free.

What? Do I have something on my face?