Silver White Winters that Melt into Springs

Curly was all better by this past weekend. It was just one of those weird things- a fever lasting 3 days and then back to normal. Not without freaking us out first, but we’re glad it wasn’t as horrible as The Roseola or as long-lasting as The RSV. We’re going on a little Spring Break vacation this Friday through Monday so fingers crossed that we all stay healthy for it.

One of the things that Curly has learned to do lately is putting objects inside other objects. Like stackable blocks or the shapes into the shape sorter box (but not via the lid…the lid is removed, chewed on, and then tossed to the side). This morning, I was finishing getting dressed when Curly picked up Nutella’s house slippers one at a time, and proceeded to drop them into the bedroom trash pail. It was absolutely hilarious to me (probably because they weren’t MY slippers), but of course, it dawned on me that we’re probably going to find all sorts of unexplained objects inside other objects and things being experimentally thrown out now. Hmm.

Curly also seems to be working on teeth #7 and #8, the bottom lateral incisors. He continues to clap at everything and very recently has begun to mimic us when we “sing”…which basically means we open our mouths wide and sing one drawn-out note. He will usually also sing a drawn out note in response, though he’s still working on his pitch.

Finally, now that the weather is getting marvelously warmer, we are happily purchasing his spring/summer wardrobe. Nutella bought something like 10 new short-sleeved onesies, and I’ve been bidding on (and sometimes winning) rompers on e-bay because they’re not as easy to find in stores. I think it’s safe to say I have a slight addiction to bidding on baby clothes on ebay now, just as I have an obsession with dressing Curly up in his new clothes. However, with the purchase of many new things has come a purge of the old things. I can’t believe how tiny some of them are!  Anyway, we think it’s high time for another Vermillion baby clothing contest, so look for that entry in the next day or two.

7 responses to “Silver White Winters that Melt into Springs

  1. It’s hard to believe he is 10 months old already! They do grow way too fast, don’t they? I hope your vacation is fun!

  2. aw, its good to hear miles is feeling better & the fever has passed.

    really cute about his new habit of putting things inside of other things! im sure that will lead to some funny moments 🙂

    my girl likes to sing along to the guitar when my partner plays – its so funny to hear! wonder what is going on in these babies heads?!

  3. I never thought about eBay for clothes! I got some cute rompers this weekend at the carters and osh kosh outlets:)

  4. I love a good musical reference! I will be looking forward to the contest….

  5. Next in line

    Dressing babies is so much fun. I love that Miles wears rompers. How cute!

  6. So happy to hear that Miles is all better! and watch out with ebay!…so so bad for your wallet! 🙂

    I think its cute that he put the slippers in the trash, better than the toilet if you ask me!

    The twins also have one of those shape boxes with a lid and also chew on, and toss it. I think I’m the only one who plays with it correctly. My wife laughs because I totally lose their attention when trying to show them how to put the shapes in the correct holes. The big guy usually runs right over it and dumps everything out! The little guy just takes the shapes and likes to clap them together! The box said 6+ months…but I guess that just means its safe for that age, not that they’ll get it by that age. 🙂

  7. Cuteness! Can’t wait to see pics of him in his new togs.

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