Daily Archives: March 1, 2010

Climb every mountain

Curly is ten months old today. Can’t believe how quickly we’re inching towards one year. We actually bought him his birthday onesie this past week and are making plans, but not big ones, for his birthday gathering. Curly’s new-found 10-month skill is climbing. Up until now, he has been sticking with the big bottom step area leading from our living room to the staircase. Our daycare provider has a sunken living room that he likes to climb out of, so it wasn’t a big leap to try it with a stair at home…until he kept going that is, right up to the top (with us spotting him of course). He kept making frustrated/determined grunts throughout, but he made it. The new baby gate is getting installed today 😉

The highlight of our weekend was a play date with W over at Creating Motherhood. W and Curly are very close in age so it was totally cute seeing them both in action, from sharing toys to eating together to crawling everywhere and climbing over one another. We all had a lovely lunch and also took the boys to the swings. Oh, and to celebrate the occasion, Nutella made, for the first time, nutella cupcakes with strawberry frosting. They were delish, and we replaced our blog header photo with her creation. Not the kind of cupcakes our Cupcake will get for his first birthday, but there’s definitely something in the works for him.

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