Daily Archives: February 19, 2010

Food, glorious food

Two of the biggest and best changes inCurly’s babyhood for us were 1. mobility and 2. eating solid food

I’m going to skip talking about mobility because this post is all about food. When Curly began sitting in his high chair (which is really one of those space-saving chairs that straps onto a regular chair) and eating with us, everything changed for the better. It’s amazing how important it felt for us to eat together, and not just that, to go out to restaurants together. Nutella and I are big “foodies” and we love going out to eat. The time period after Curly stopped sleeping through meals at restaurants (around 3 months) to the time before he started feeding himself finger foods well and sitting in a restaurant high chair (7 months) was limiting to us because we’d try to eat out only to have Curly get frustrated and/or bored. So we stopped going unless we had a babysitter, which was not often. Granted, we’re only talking about 4 months here, but we felt the impact.

Nowadays, we know we can go out to have a meal (not a leisurely one, but around an hour or so) and Curly will be fine. He’ll be so good that sometimes we get compliments which puffs our hearts up. We hold and bounce him until the food comes, at which point, he sits in the high chair and gets some of whatever we’re eating as long as the food doesn’t break any big rules (like nuts). Let me tell you something- our boy Loves. To. Eat. He will happily stuff his face for up to a half hour straight.

For Valentine’s Day, we went out to brunch together. I got a Belgium sugar waffle with strawberries on top. Nutella had some kind of special oatmeal, and we ordered a side baguette with fancy spreads. Curly happily ate my strawberries cut into small pieces and the bread….oh, he was all about that baguette. The baguette was very crusty and he couldn’t quite get through the crusts, so we scooped out the soft interiors and gave them to him. And then we found ourselves left with just the crusts 😦 But as long as he’s happy!

We send him with 3 containers of food to daycare daily. His breakfast is usually a mini muffin or cheerios, with banana slices. Lunch is chicken or tofu and some other fruit…pear or clementine slices for example. His afternoon snack is usually veggies- a mix of sweet potato, steamed asparagus or broccoli. We’re trying to work cubes of cheese into the mix as well.  It’ll be interesting when we transition to a solids and whole cow’s milk diet around 1 year. I’m hoping we won’t have issues with that…but if things continue to go along as they have, I don’t foresee any problems. This is probably all a precursor to trying to keep up with feeding a growing boy who will end up taking in more calories than we do!

Oh, and we tried a new sippy cup with water last night. He did better than we thought he would!