Before Curly’s cold had the chance to go away, in moved another annoying tenant- bronchiolitis (a kind of viral baby version of bronchitis). So now he’s still got a drippy, snotty nose plus a racking, wheezing cough. He sounds as beautiful as you’d imagine. Thankfully he is still in good spirits…playful and smiling most of the time.

We took him to the doctor today and they did two kinds of nebulizer treatments on him. Well, they set them up and then left the room while Nutella and I did our best to hold Curly down amidst the arching and crying and whacking and head-shaking, and tried to administer the treatments. Halfway through the second treatment, we decided it was doing more harm than good (Curly was hysterical and sweating profusely trying to fight it), and stopped. When the doctor came back in the room, she said we could try removing the mask and simply get him to breathe in the mist by holding the middle piece near his chin. If only we had known that from the start! Curly was so interested in the piece without the mask that he happily sucked and chewed on it while the mist poured out, and it became his new favorite toy. We actually ended up taking that little piece home with us.

Treatment 1 aka “Get this effing thing off my face”

Complete meltdown in 3...2...1...

Treatment 2 aka “I gotta get me one of these”


In the end, the doc wrote a prescription for a type of albuterol in syrup form. Curly is usually very good with liquid medicine so hopefully it doesn’t taste horrible. Originally we had a follow-up appointment for next week, but the doc called us (herself!) and said to come in on Friday instead to see how he’s doing. She did warn us that the cough could last up to two more weeks, argh!

18 responses to “Bronchiosaurus

  1. my little one just got over this as well. They called it RSV. Its an infants form of bronchitis. Aydan hated having the mask on as well. Hoping Miles gets better soon!

  2. Gosh mamas I am happy that you didn’t have to continue with the melt down treatment. Hope he gets better soon.

  3. Aww, poor baby… and poor moms! I hope the treatments work their magic quickly.

  4. Oh no! I hope your little Miles is doing better. We have a nebulizer they gave us for the little guys treatments. We used to give him several per day and are down to just one preventative treatment every night. He used to hate them but then learned to enjoy them and even cries now when they are done. We even give the big guy his own mask to hold (though it was not connected to anything) because he kept trying to take his brothers.

    We use pulmicort as a preventative treatment but we also have albuterol that they gave us shortly after he came home from the NICU. His pulminologist suggested we keep it on hand in case he were to get sick, but luckily haven’t had to use it. Apparently it works like magic, so I hope it helps Miles feel better quickly. Ours is for the nebulizer but I’m sure its the same.

    For the little guy we never used the elastic to keep the mask on because he didn’t like it, instead we took off the green band and just held it in place for him and now he holds it himself. 😉

  5. Poor Miles! I know how he feels. I’ve had the same cough for over a week now. My doctor gave me Advair. I hope that Miles’ cough goes away sooner than predicted!

  6. We had the exact same thing a few weeks ago. D hated the mask. We’ll try your trick. Don’t worry, it sounds bad, but they do get much better. At least until the next cold.

  7. He is so cute, even when he’s sick! I hope that he gets to feeling better soon! Poor little guy 😦

  8. Poor little guy (and poor mamas). Get better soon, Miles!

  9. I’m glad Miles is doing well…don’t those respiratory buggers just suck???? Not that GI is better, but usually 48 hours and the symptoms are over.

    I had to laugh and snag my husband to show him the ‘trippy’ pic of Miles…back in the day…before we became parents;)…we were in medical/nursing schools and used to nebulize vodka with our partners in crime…too funny.

  10. Poor baby! The no mask idea is brilliant. He looks so sweet and little with that mask on. Get better quickly, Miles!

  11. my lil brother had a machine. and the doctor said the more he screams, the better the treatment…
    i think the doctor was a bit of a quack but as he got older, he resisted less and less, and eventually held it himself.

    i hope he’s better soon! poor little guy! and poor mommies too!

  12. Your poor little man! I hope he feels better soon, for all of your sake.

    As tortured as he must have been in photo #1, he sure does look cute with those big ol’ eyes…

  13. Well good news that he liked his second round of treatment and that he’ll be on the mend soon. Poor little man.

  14. Poor little guy. I hope you gets bounces back quickly.

  15. hope the liquid form does the trick and miles is back in business soon. those brown eyes make me melt!

  16. Poor little guy! Nothing like a baby with a breathing mask to tug at your heartstrings. I certainly hope you’re not in for two more weeks of this.

  17. I sure do hope the little guy is feeling better. He is ridiculously cute. His facial expressions are SO expressive.

  18. Oh my, no wonder he freaked out–that mask looks horrible! I’m glad he was still able to get some benefit from the treatment and hope he’s feeling better quickly!

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