Daily Archives: January 26, 2010


Before Curly’s cold had the chance to go away, in moved another annoying tenant- bronchiolitis (a kind of viral baby version of bronchitis). So now he’s still got a drippy, snotty nose plus a racking, wheezing cough. He sounds as beautiful as you’d imagine. Thankfully he is still in good spirits…playful and smiling most of the time.

We took him to the doctor today and they did two kinds of nebulizer treatments on him. Well, they set them up and then left the room while Nutella and I did our best to hold Curly down amidst the arching and crying and whacking and head-shaking, and tried to administer the treatments. Halfway through the second treatment, we decided it was doing more harm than good (Curly was hysterical and sweating profusely trying to fight it), and stopped. When the doctor came back in the room, she said we could try removing the mask and simply get him to breathe in the mist by holding the middle piece near his chin. If only we had known that from the start! Curly was so interested in the piece without the mask that he happily sucked and chewed on it while the mist poured out, and it became his new favorite toy. We actually ended up taking that little piece home with us.

Treatment 1 aka “Get this effing thing off my face”

Complete meltdown in 3...2...1...

Treatment 2 aka “I gotta get me one of these”


In the end, the doc wrote a prescription for a type of albuterol in syrup form. Curly is usually very good with liquid medicine so hopefully it doesn’t taste horrible. Originally we had a follow-up appointment for next week, but the doc called us (herself!) and said to come in on Friday instead to see how he’s doing. She did warn us that the cough could last up to two more weeks, argh!