You send me swinging

  • I enjoyed my day off with Curly yesterday (unfortunately, Nutella had to go to work). It hit me how drastically different it felt from my FMLA days off with him. He is such a little boy now. He is into everything and constantly on the move. The weather was nice enough that we could get out, and so we met up a friend that had not yet met Curly and also took a walk and enjoyed the sun.  He is so amazingly social and smiley with people and flirts with everyone. Though adult conversation is difficult with a baby to focus on, he keeps things very entertaining.
  • The girls from love + love = marriage visited us this past weekend and Curly and his birthday twin, HP, got to hang out. The first time they met was when they were 5 months old. At 8+ months, they were both very interactive with each other. It’s nice to see how they’re both growing in leaps and bounds. We all went out to lunch and the boys were so well-behaved, eating at the table with us.

Nice to see you again!

Guinness, and my friend will have a scotch on the rocks.

  • Curly is officially cruising, usually by way of the couch. We bought him one of those Walk n’ ride things to help with walking, not that he needs much help in that department. I’m definitely not bragging about his mobility…though it is exciting, like I said, he is into everything. Every time he comes home from daycare, he’s got a new bruise from the bumps and falls. Our house is full of baby gates and I’m constantly trying to keep things cleaned up except for the baby toys everywhere. We knew we’d get to this point, just not sure we thought it would be at 8 months.
  • We’ve been seeing lots of pictures of little ones in swings, so I decided to take advantage of the warmer weather and introduce Curly to the joy of a bucket swing. He loved it and was all smiles at first, and then he went into a peaceful, swing-induced trance. I bet he could’ve stayed in it for hours. Swing win!


12 responses to “You send me swinging

  1. they are soo very cute together. GP is too enamored by the swing at the park! i love the rainbow socks, btw!

  2. Hey! Miles is such a beautiful baby~ how blessed you are…
    A while back you sent me a beautiful email with encouragement as I told you my husband and I were TTC in the same manner…just wanted to let you know, since I’m a reader not a blogger;), that I am 8 weeks today and everything looks great.
    Thank you for sharing your continuing story. You have no idea the nights I was comforted by your experiences. Thanks, ladies.

  3. They ARE cute together! Cool that you guys got together again. I bet it was fun to see how they’ve both grown.

  4. So cute. Go Curly, with all that pre-walking! I think I could go into a swing trance, myself.

  5. mandybsquared

    Too cute! Love the swing pictures 🙂

  6. Aww i love the swing photos! Curly is such a handsome boy!

    Haven’t taken the boys to the park yet… but as soon as these tornados go away it is on our list of “to dos”.

    I know the feeling of being excited for the walking, while we aren’t there quite yet, the big guy is getting there and everytime I blink he is getting into something else! Its going to be hard to chase them both when they are on the move!

  7. Our boys are cute together. I love that their feet are touching in the first shot:)

  8. the twins are just precious! they will be life long friends i’m sure. Curly is amazing…he will be walking so soon!

  9. Those two look so happy together! And him in the swing? So sweet it makes my nose tingle. I remember how much I loved those bucket swings.

    Glad you two had some special time together.

  10. I love that – Guinness and a scotch on the rocks – hilarious. Cute swing photos, too. He looks so sweet and peaceful, kickin’ back in the sun.

  11. SO cute. Great pics, especially the swings! He is such a little man.

  12. What cute photos! They look like such good buddies.

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