Daily Archives: January 11, 2010

The Cold (not talking about Outside)

Warning: Illness and poop-related talk approaching…

It didn’t take long for illness to strike our household after starting daycare. Both Curly and Nutella have colds and my fingers are crossed that I don’t get it. Fortunately for Nutella, she can blow her own nose. Unfortunately for Curly, he can’t. Now, if he even sees that snot-sucking bulb heading his way, he’s already putting up his hands to block it. This kid would make an excellent goalie one day. Snot sucking leads to immense head-shaking, whining, and hand deflection. Saline drops? Oh, they are the absolute devil and lead to crying and screaming fits. But when your baby stops drinking his bottle after every 2 gulps so he can breathe through his mouth, they’re a necessary evil.

Something else that happens when a baby gets a cold- more poop. Mucousy, sticky poop. And unfortunately, Curlydoesn’t always let us know when he’s sitting on a load (if we don’t smell it), or worse, sleeping with one. This has led to a very sore, chapped, flaming red bum. Which leads to slathering neosporin on the raw areas, and butt paste everywhere else. Which leads to more screaming fits requiring both moms to be present for diaper changes. Colds SUCK.

But no fever and a baby that is otherwise acting like his normal self means daycare must go on, complete with a daycare supply of neosporin, butt paste, and snot sucker, as well as a detailed explanation of the current situation o’ sick. He’s going to be mightily pissed that all of that stuff followed him and I can only imagine the look of horror on the daycare providers’ faces when he begins screaming bloody murder at first sight of them.

This, too, shall pass right?