Happy holidays!

We’d like to wish you all happy holidays, whichever you celebrate (or happy day(s) off work). May you find warmth and peace during this season.

Curly would also like to share the utter joy he feels when bundled up against the cold weather, and his pleasure at seeing so much beautiful brown white snow still around.

Can we move to Florida yet?

8 responses to “Happy holidays!

  1. Aw, cute pic!! Peace and warmth to you too.

  2. I love the caption.. That’s what I’m thinking too!

  3. Maya has a hat like that and everyone loves it but she hates it! I think she longs for FLA too. I am from there and there ain’t no way I am going back. LOL.

  4. Happy Holidays to you as well! Hope Miles has a blast for his 1st holiday season!

  5. Yah, he never seems thriller about it does he. That boy does indeed need a ticket to Miami.


  6. LOL, so cute! Our bean was also less than thrilled with the snow.

  7. yes, I keep imagining palm trees and warmer climates myself… was on 66 today and found myself amazed at what the dirty snow on the side of the road there looked like… almost extraterrestrial!

  8. ha Daniel feels the same way about wearing layers. Hope your holidays were very special this year

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