Lucky 7

Curly is 7 months old today.  I can’t even begin to articulate in writing how time is speeding.  o-3 months dragged on and on. 3 and 4 started to build the speed and now time is racing by.  We’re powerless to stop it and it’s all we can do to mark the milestones as they pass and soak up as many moments as we can.  We were updating the baby book this weekend and are amazed at how few “firsts” are left.

Month 6 brought the first teeth, crawling, sitting unassisted, and independent self feeding (turkey! pear slices! fingerling potato! steamed carrots! red bell pepper!).  I forsee the development of his pincer grasp very shortly.  We retired the infant car seat and installed the convertible one that should last for a few years.  We bought 9-12 month footed sleepers that were a little big at first,  but are now getting too short.  We are anxiously waiting for more advancement in verbal and communication areas.

December should fly by as well.  We’ve got Hanukkah coming up and have already bought and used Curly’s big gift.  It’s a schmancy 3 wheeled jogging style stroller.  Air-filled tires, shocks, fully reclining seat.  We got a really good deal on it, but still….. we’ve become THOSE PEOPLE.  You know, the ones that we used to sneer at with the giant stroller who take forever in the parking lot and slow down the foot traffic at the mall and take up the whole city sidewalk.  Ok, maybe not quite that bad.  I’d NEVER use the thing at the mall, it’s too crowded.  But you see, Curly is BIG.  And Strawberry and I are not.  And very soon (certainly by the time warm weather rolls around again) we won’t be up to carrying him or wearing him all the time. We have a lovely little orange umbrella stroller, but somehow we were fooled into thinking it’s not enough. Baby needs to go off-roading apparently.

How did I get to be so old?

So there you have a picture of Curly in a hand me down outfit that he wore ONCE.  It was in the bottom drawer waiting to be cycled into rotation when it fit and by the time we rotated it, it was too short in the legs.  Not pictured is the matching hat and the adorable plaid lining in the hem of the overalls (visible when cuffed).  I have a vision of giant sneakers in the not-so-distant future.

8 responses to “Lucky 7

  1. oh my goodness. i can’t believe how big he’s getting either, and that’s just my view from afar (but not too far, maybe; are we in the same city?). i can’t imagine how quickly it must be going by for you. what a big boy!

  2. The grow up so fast. His hair is really coming in now too. Cutie!

  3. Oh, I guess we’re not in the same city after all. We both made comments about a great ice cream shop over at Jackie’s blog, so that’s why I thought you were nearby.

  4. 7 months already? What a handsome boy. So glad all is well.

  5. I love the idea of off-roading with a stroller, and the overalls, and those eyes! Killer, I tell you. He’s beautiful.

  6. I have a feeling we are going to have a big boy too…how much does he weigh at 7 months and what percentile is he in? I have been trying to plan ahead with clothes and diapers, but I have a feeling it will have all been for not. Why even try…

  7. wow! times has flown. he is such a big boy. we have a hand-me-down jogging stroller but yet to use it. i love looking at it though :]

  8. 7 months! I can’t believe it! And a schmancy stroller for Hanukka too? Nice.

    He sure is a handsome little man and he’s growing so fast. I was just thinking yesterday about Nutella and how sick she was for a while during the pregnancy and now look and where you are! Time flies.

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