Pictures (and video) worth a thousand words

13 responses to “Pictures (and video) worth a thousand words

  1. oh my gosh look at him moving! GO MILES!! i’m glad we’re not there because i still have to babyproof like crazy!

  2. Look at Miles go! Too cute : )

    Love the hand print on the mirror. We have one by our changing table too, Emmett just loves checking himself out.

  3. Look at him go! It’s on now, moms!

  4. Go, Miles, Go! He is getting so OLD.

  5. Can’t believe your little smush is crawling! How cute!

  6. the video is great! i love how he gets his little butt up in the air as he’s propelling himself forward! too cute!

  7. First, LOVE his diaper and his tooth! And second, woo hoo!! Way to go! He’s mobile!!!

  8. Oh my goodness, look at him go! I think babyproofing is in your very near future. What a big boy he is now.

    I of course am partial to the hefalump picture but the one with the pea mush is a classic. I love it!

  9. he may just skip right to walking! :] great pics, thanks for sharing.

  10. oh my gosh teeth! Haha look at him go, gorgeous!

  11. Miles is precious! My partner and I plan on using G.dia.pers (whenever we conceive). How do you like them?

  12. Oh my, it looks like THREE teeth, am I right? Poor guy, no wonder he’s been wimpering! And look at the crawling/hopping. It looks like he’ll be running next week!

  13. Wow, look at him go! I particularly love the smushed peas strategically smeared in the schnozz area.

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