6 month birthday

Curly is 6 months old today. Wow. At first, it felt like we would never get here. The first 3 months dragged on…but now we’re here and time has shifted into high gear. It really is nice to be at this point. He’s so entertaining and getting mobile, and you can see those little wheels a-turnin all day long. We know the next 6 months are going to move by at lightning speed, and we’re excited to see all of the many more changes that they bring.

It was Baby’s First Halloween yesterday and we managed to hit some houses in our neighborhood and see some friends. It had been a while since we’ve been trick-or-treating so it was nice to have a good reason πŸ™‚ We did a family costume of the Flinstones. I was Wilma, Nutella was Betty and Curly was Bamm Bamm. Nutella, the crafty little seamstress she is, made all the costumes herself.

Like the caring parents we are, we are not allowing our 6 month old to indulge in the sugar-laden bag o’ goodies we got, and are eating all some of them on his behalf. Except for the strangest item I think we’ve ever received after a night of trick-or-treating- melted pop-ice. WTF? Needless to say, that one went right into the trash. Curlyfavorite thing of the night? A puffy little bag of pretzels that he chewed on for a good 5 minutes while we walked (the bag, not the pretzels).

22 responses to “6 month birthday

  1. happy 6 mo. bday, Miles! I love the costumes…so glad it was fun.

  2. the costumes are great!

    miles has the most beautiful, big eyes – seriously, that picture melted my heart! πŸ˜€

  3. 6 months!!! woooooo!!!
    You guys look so cute.
    scratching my head over the pop-ice.

  4. Congrats on 6 months!! He is adorable as always! And those costumes rock!

  5. Happy 6 Months!! Time sure does fly by!

    Your costumes are so cute! Curly makes a great bamm bamm!

  6. That is the cutest bambam I have ever seen. Melts my grandma heart with those eyes.. I so look forward to your posts and of course pictures of your adorable baby boy thank you for sharing. Jean

  7. Wow! Great costumes!! Happy 6 months Curly!

  8. wishinghopingpraying

    That may be the cutest thing ever! I’m so glad you had a fun night.

  9. Happy 6 months, Curly! Your costumes are fabulous! It must be a burden to eat up Curly’s candy – another sacrifice of motherhood.

  10. Absolutely love the costumes! Great job!

    Happy ^ Months Curly!

  11. So cute! Great costume ideas, and happy 6 months, Curly!!

  12. Happy 6 months, Curly!!

    I absolutely love your costume idea! You both look great and Curly looks adorable. Nice job crafting them!

  13. reproducinggenius

    Love the costumes. You all look so fabulous, and Curly is positively adorable! Happy six months, big guy!

  14. awww….. super cute! Did you all rock wigs, too? πŸ™‚

  15. that is one beautiful family! so glad to have shared the last six months with you guys. nutella, you are very crafty, great job!

  16. Love it!!! What a great family costume.
    I hope you won’t get tired of me saying this beccause I know I say it all the time but that boy has the most beautiful eyes.

  17. Very cute you guys!

  18. That is pure raw talent! I love the outfits.

  19. I love the costumes and am very impressed that Nutella found the time to make them!

  20. BTW, the green top from my blog was from children’s place. I love that we’re in bigger sizes now and have more options than just pink/blue/yellow!

  21. Great costume! It’s been amazing watching Curly grow and change over the past 6 months…he’s adorable!

  22. OH MY GOD that is the cutest costume idea ever! Nutella, you are a rock star.

    Happy half-birthday, little man!

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