Daily Archives: October 8, 2009

Working out the kinks

Today is the fourth day that my mom is watching Curly. No matter what time she left her place or our place this week, her one-way drive was always 1.5 hours. Last night she stayed over with us and slept on the couch. There’s no way we can keep this up. The thing that really sucks is that my parents had plans to sell their place and move closer to us (not just to be closer, but because they also don’t like where they live). They had a buyer in August and were all ready to go to settlement, when it turned out the buyer had lied on his taxes and no mortgage company would give him a mortgage. So it fell through and they had to put their place back up on the market. We are all hoping it will sell this month, but you know how the housing market is right now.

So what we’re trying to do is see if Nutella’s mom could possibly watch Curly twice a week when she’s able to, and I’ll be working from home once a week starting next week (my boss(es) are thankfully laid back and ok with flexible hours and WFH). On those days, I may work remotely all day long on and off (to get those 8 hours in) while taking care of Curly myself. So our daycare situation is still working itself out.

In other news, Curly now sits with us at the dinner table and has begun mimicking us when we eat. He’s like a little baby bird opening his mouth when we do, and intently staring at the movements of our forks as they go from plate to mouth. Just for fun, we finger fed him a little sweet potato and homemade applesauce this week. He seemed very confused, but kept┬ámotioning for more, and in fact, did end up swallowing tiny bits of each. It was adorable to see him with a furrowed brow and pursed lips as he sucked on the bits of food in his mouth. We’re not giving him anything else new for a while and we still don’t think he’s truly ready for solids, but the experimentation is fun.

Here are a couple pictures from the pumpkin patch the other day…