Today was the beginning of an era in the Vermillion household.  Strawberry went back to work and her mother (GA) came over to take care of Curly.  She’ll be caring for him Monday-Thursday and then my mother (GV) comes over on Fridays (this plan may end up changing).  They each live about 45 minutes away (in opposite directions from us) when there’s no traffic.  Of course, weekday mornings and weekday evenings are heavy traffic times for our city.  Today, it took GA an hour and a half to get here and then another hour and a quarter to get home.  This is NO FUN for anyone and we are now putting some plans into effect to try and make her commute easier.  I’ll be shifting my work day a bit earlier and Strawberry will be shifting hers to start and end an hour later than before.  We may end up trading weeks on these new schedules, too. Hopefully, this will mean lighter traffic for GA.  Fingers crossed that this works out, because she and Curly had a lovely day together.

We know that we’re lucky that this type of care situation is possible for us, and yet, we both miss Curly like crazy.  Work seems so unfulfilling when we think about our boy at home.

In lighter news, Curly is picking himself up onto hands and knees and desperately wants to crawl.  So far, he manages to rock a bit and then falls back down, often several inches BEHIND where he started.  He’s certainly determined though, and we think he’ll get it pretty soon.  A thorough cataloging of our baby proofing needs will take place this coming weekend.  Here’s a little video to show his progress…

10 responses to “Rock-a-bye

  1. Oh my gosh he is getting so Big! what a cutie.

  2. Sooo close. So close! He’ll be there in no time.

    Sorry both of you are back to work and I hope you find the perfect solution to the commute.

  3. looks like he’s ready to sit too! awesome! it’s really hard to get back into a new routine. i hope switching the schedule around helps everyone!

  4. Dear Curly, though you are absolutely adorable, please don’t pass along the memo of how to start crawling…I have two boys and 3 dogs, and its hard enough to walk around this place without tripping on something. 🙂

  5. I can’t believe how fast he’s developing! soon he’ll be scooting around.

  6. Aren’t grandmas great? Leigh stays the night with Gail’s mom once a week and it’s been so nice for their relationship to get that time together . It looks like things are lining up that Ira will get one day a week with grandma next semester, which will also be a treat. There’s nothing quite so nice as family (the helpful kind, I know other folks aren’t so lucky…)

    Best of luck figuring out the new system.

    (and that video is too much. adorable)

  7. So so cute! He is almost there.
    How wonderful that you have both grandmothers so close by. I hope that things work out with their commutes. Curly is one lucky little guy!

  8. How cute 🙂 I can’t believe he is about to crawl. Wasn’t he just a little tiny baby ?! So cute 🙂

  9. He is way too cute! 🙂

  10. Oh, he is adorable. it looks like he’s ready to take off, but that head keeps getting in the way!

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