And then I thought about the game

Last questions (and we mean it this time) and then back to your regularly scheduled Vermillion blog…

Two Moms, Two Monkeys asked: So, what are your thoughts on meeting donor siblings, the donor himself, or other relatives? How much would you like Curly to be involved with any/all of them?

We purposely chose anonymous donor swimmers so that there would be no possibility of meet-ups, now or later. It was out of our comfort zone, plus we don’t see the donor or donor siblings as “family.” We are grateful to our donor for doing what he did, but it was his wish as well as ours to remain anonymous. We do know that there are donor siblings out there but are not comfortable making contact with that family. It is something we’ll obviously have to discuss with Curly when he’s older…we’re not sure how much of an issue it will be for him, but he has a family and extended family that love him dearly, so hopefully if it does present an issue, he can overcome it.

Cindy asked: Is there one thing (activity/ hobby or whatever) that you picture taking Curly to do when he’s older?

Nutella says that she can’t wait to take Curly to children’s theatre. I look forward to taking him to the zoo/petting zoo/aquarium and teaching him about the animals. I also picture the very cliche tossing of a ball back and forth. lol. That one is entirely up to me though, since I agree with Nutella that she’s completely hopeless when it comes to anything athletic.

3 responses to “And then I thought about the game

  1. Me too Nutella – completely hopeless when it comes to sports although I plan to play ball with my baby/toddler because for the first time ever, I won’t feel bad about sucking. I can’t be worse than a toddler right? Well, then again, I probably can. Oh well, I’ll be a kick ass finger painting partner! 😉

  2. That was a lot of fun! No-one asked us anything when we invited similar questions – how embarrassing!

  3. I just came across your blog. Congratulations on a healthy baby boy.

    I just wanted to comment on the anonymous part. We actually contacted and met with our donor siblings. (thanks to I was NOT ok with the talking and emails and picture exchange at first. (my wife enrolled and contacted them)I was interested but not comfortable. Then the emails started and like blogs…I became friends with these complete strangers that had some of the same DNA in their family.
    We all met (video pictures are at the bottom of my blog of that family reunion) and it was WONDERFUL. THE BEST experience. We’ve all seen each other 1 or 2 more times….it’s hard as they are all on the East coast and we are on the West coast.
    It was so wonderful to see the similarities in not only their looks but their personalities. It really was fun.
    Now…it’s certainly not for everyone…but it’s fun to have this connection with these families and to give my kids that connection that apparently they’ll want (sarcastically speaking from the Oprah show about kids with anonymous donors 🙂 ha ha

    Sorry to hijack your comments. I just wanted to say Hi and to tell you about our 1/2 sib story.

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