Who wants to be…a ‘MILLONAIRE’!

Tui asks:

1. How difficult/easy was it to decide on a name for Curly – did you have it picked out in advance or did it come to you when you met him?

We had potential baby names picked out far in advance of actually getting pregnant. In Jewish tradition, babies are often named after deceased relatives. We each have a grandmother that died when we were little and so we knew that we would use their initials for our baby’s name. It was nice having a starting point. The girl name was super easy for us, but the boy name went through a number of evolutions before we settled on one.

2. Where would you like to travel to most in the world?

Our dream vacation is a long cruise of the Mediterranean with onboard historians and archaeologists that lead small groups to historic sights and offer their expertise (a la SmithsonianJourneys). Stops would definitely include Grecian islands, Turkey, Cypress, Italy, Spain, Egypt, etc.

3. If you won a million dollars, what would be the first thing that you would splurge on (no house, no car, no debt paying – the first purely luxury item).

Travel (see answer to number 2!)

Angela asked: What fields do you work in? How did you decide the field was for you?

We unfortunately do not work in the fields we wish to work in. I’m a trained actress and singer, but to pay the bills, I work for a very large corporation coordinating a client training program on medical software. I got this particular job after working for the same company as an executive assistant. Strawberry has a degree in Pyschology, but she is now a database programmer for a large university.  She began doing research studies after school, but quickly got sucked into the data storage and analysis part of it…eventually leading to database programming and a different career path altogether. We both agree that it’s worth it to have the benefits we do and live in comfort. Thankfully I can still perform as a hobby because our city has a thriving semi-professional  and amateur theatre community. I’m on hiatus from theatre while Curly is small. Strawberry is hoping to win the lottery.

One response to “Who wants to be…a ‘MILLONAIRE’!

  1. oh, the dream vacation sounds wonderful! i wanna go! 🙂

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