Who’s your mommy?!

Here are the final three answers unless anyone has any more questions…

KraftyKay asked: Have you come across any, “No really, who’s the REAL mother?” questions and, if so, how did you answer?

Actually, we’ve never been asked this. But we have been asked “Who’s the mother?” lots of times. And we always answer “We both are, but she (pointing to Nutella) gave birth.” Most of the time, people either smile, say something along the lines of “Oh ok”, or continue to ask other questions in response. One time, a woman that was chatting us up about Curly immediately clammed up and went back to what she was doing. She obviously was either completely thrown off, in disagreement with our “lifestyle”, or both, but thankfully she held her tongue. Let me add though, that we live in a very liberal area. Most people have gay friends and/or family, or at least know of them and accept them, so it’s not a huge deal when they receive our answer. And it makes our hearts float when people let us know how cool it is that our son has two moms.

Monica asked: “What music does Curly seem to really love?”

As far as we can tell, Curly doesn’t seem to have a preference. He loves being sung to though, and will give us lots of smiles when we do. Nutella prefers showtunes, 60’s, 80’s and folk music and I like classic rock, indie rock, and dance/electronica…so obviously Curly is getting exposed to a huge variety, but it’s anyone’s guess at this point what he’ll be drawn to.

Two Moms, Two Monkeys asked: “How about a family pic?”

I think you tuned in a little bit later, but we do have some family pics in a password-protected entry from when Curly was 2 months old. Please refer to this entry and I’ll e-mail you (and anyone else who wants it) the password: https://1invermillion.wordpress.com/2009/07/12/cupcake-at-the-beach/

8 responses to “Who’s your mommy?!

  1. I’m curious – have you encountered any situations where Strawberry has been given a hard time because she’s not the birth mom?

  2. I am a straight, married woman, who found your blog as I am TTC in the same fashion (my husband had testicular cancer when he was 31). I just want to say that I think it is way cool that Curly has two moms. He looks like one happy, healthy little boy. I’m SO happy you open dialouge and am so thankful for this blog. Second round of IUI for me-neg. *sigh* At least I have 1 in Vermillion for comfort;)

  3. I’d love the password. mrsbasement@yahoo.com

  4. Don’t feel that you have to answer but I have some non parenting related questions that re just for the fun of it.
    1. What is the one sweet treat each of you cannot live without?
    2. Who is your favorite celebrity/famous crush on?
    3. Describe your favorite pair of shoes and tell us why you love them.
    4. OK, maybe just one Curly related question. I know you are fromdifferent faith backgrounds, how do you plan to address/celebrate the faith issue as you raise Curly?

  5. I’d love the password too!

  6. Ooh I have questions – I’ve been reading along on my mobile so haven’t been able to comment lately.

    1. How difficult/easy was it to decide on a name for Curly – did you have it picked out in advance or did it come to you when you met him?

    2. Where would you like to travel to most in the world?

    3. If you won a million dollars, what would be the first thing that you would splurge on (no house, no car, no debt paying – the first purely luxury item).

  7. Oh, I somehow missed the family pictures–can I have the password?

  8. Hi! I’d love to see your family, too. May I have the password? meinemo@gmail.com

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