Pop the question?

We’ve seen a few open question blog posts around these parts and thought we’d open up our blog for your questions.  So ask away!  Is there anything you want to know?  Any pictures you’d like to see?  You know that we’re pretty open and up front, but we will try to protect a little bit of our anonymity in our answers.

10 responses to “Pop the question?

  1. How did you decide who was going to carry Miles and are you planning on having more children?

  2. have you ever made a nutella & strawberry cupcake? and if you ever make them again will you send me one?

    ok, for real question: How is it parenting a son? Do you find that it has been different than how you imagined it to be?

  3. How did you meet?

  4. I agree with Calliope — tell us about mothering a son as a lesbian couple!

  5. Did you discuss in advance how far you would go with IUIs- how many, and when, if ever, you would consider IVF or other alternatives?

  6. When do you fit in blogging and commenting now that the wee one is here? I love that you’re able to keep up your blog so well – I worry that I won’t be as good at it!

  7. Have you come across any, “No really, who’s the REAL mother?” questions and, if so, how did you answer?

  8. What music does Miles seem to really love? -Monica

  9. Sorry I’m late but, how about a family pic?

  10. What fields do you work in? How did you decide the field was for you?

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