Daily Archives: September 11, 2009

Use it or lose it! (or give it away)

Back when Curly was just a gestating smidgeon, I wrote this entry about having bought some clothing from Taggies: https://1invermillion.wordpress.com/2009/01/23/taggies-are-the-new-black/

When we received the clothing,¬†the sleepers looked¬†BIG and I thought, well, we’re not going to be using this stuff for a while. Fast forward to yesterday, when we were putting some new sleepers away and came upon the Taggies ones. They looked like they would fit now, so we put him in the smallest one last night. It was snug. Upon waking this morning, we saw he had gotten one leg free from the outfit. It was too small. We got ONE use out of that freaking adorable sleeper I bought months ago.

So here is where I announce 1 in Vermillion’s first contest! You like that sleeper? You want it? Let us know in a comment. We will put all the names in a hat, and one lucky person will win it. My only request is that you post a picture of your current or future child in it when the time comes that he or she fits into it. I’d say it’s best for an infant around 10-14 pounds and 22-25 inches in length. As you can see in the picture, it is gender neutral, totally cute, and babies like to grab the tags as evidenced below (interactive clothing! What could be better!):

We’ll leave this weekend free for comments and will announce the winner on Monday. Good luck!