Daily Archives: September 3, 2009

Feelin’ hot hot hot

Miles and I survived the pediatrician appointment yesterday. Unfortunately, it took forever for him to get his shots because of the drama queen 7 year old in the room next door who took 20 minutes of screaming/sobbing/whining/calming herself and doing it all over again both before and after her shots. I could see Miles listening to the drama and wondering what the heck was going on. Finally it was his turn, and after two screams, he was sucking away on his bottle and hopefully forgot about the whole thing. He ran a slight fever in the evening and was understandably fussy, but we gave him Tyenol and he slept away the night. The fever is gone now and he’s not fussy anymore.

So Miles is back to being healthy, but unfortunately, Nutella is not. Two nights ago, she had a lump in her left breast indicating a clogged milk duct. This type of thing has happened before though, and she’s always been able to massage it out. Not this time. Yesterday morning, she awoke to a very hot and painful breast, body aches, but no fever. After trying all day to relieve the swelling with hot and cold compresses, frequent pumping, and nursing, she was still feeling not quite right at bedtime. This morning was the worst of it- a fever of 101, chills, sweats, body aches, and the breast itself is pretty red and still swollen. She is set to go to the doctor in an hour and most likely get a round of antibiotics to help with the now obvious case of mastitis.

We’ll be pumping her full of probiotics to try and head off any other unfortunate side effects of the antibiotics. On top of this all, we’re headed out of state this weekend to attend a wedding. It’ll be Miles’ first plane ride and we’re a bit nervous about it. We’re hoping Nutella begins a full recovery soon and Miles sleeps on the plane (ha!) Expect a full report on Tuesday.