Mystery Science Fever

Today was Curly’s 4 month well-baby visit and vaccines. Apparently he somehow knew this was coming, and after a very fussy morning, we found out at the doctor’s office that he is running a low-grade fever….high enough to put those nasty vaccines on hold until next week. Everything else looked absolutely perfect- no ear infection, no inflamed gums, no runny nose, great skin, etc. Just a random, mystery fever on the day of his doctor’s appointment. Unfortunately, this means it’s just Curly and me at the appointment next week and no comforting boobs to be had after the shots. None for Curly either.

Luckily, we did find out all of the fun statistics at today’s appointment. Curly weighs 14 pounds, 8 ounces. He is 26.25 inches long. His head circumference was approximately 41cm. The doctor told us he was in the 50th percentile for weight and the 90th(!!) percentile for height. I imagine we’ll be eye level with our son by the time he’s ten. We did not choose a particularly tall donor and since Nutella herself is short with a capital ‘S’, we have no idea where the tall gene came from.

We have our follow-up appointment for vaccinations next Wednesday and will do our best not to mention it in front of Curly in case he decides to pull another fast one on us. For now, sleep sweet child, sleep and get well.

12 responses to “Mystery Science Fever

  1. and no comforting boobs to be had after the shots. None for Miles either.

    This really cracked me up! 🙂
    Feel better Miles!

  2. Great pictures. And, the boobs comment made me laugh outloud!

  3. it is hilarious that he developed a low fever just so he would’t have to get shots. 😀 i should try that for work. mysterious fever. but maybe its teething. i read that some babies start teething when they’re 3 months. which causes them to have low-grade fevers. aww what a cutie!

  4. Aw he totally knew! That picture is GREAT! Glad that it’s just a low grade fever and nothing more.

  5. the boobs comment made me laugh too!

    what a smart boy to have developed a fever in order to avoid his shots! 😉

    the pic is great!!

  6. poor miles…hope the fever goes away soon

  7. wishinghopingpraying

    Smart boy, avoid those shots LOL! I hope the fever fades and the shots aren’t too bad next week.

  8. your boob comment cracked me up!! hahah!! love the picture… adorable

  9. the boob comment was hysterical. Miles sure is smart to avoid the shots. also, he is just really cute.

  10. I spit my water out at the boob comment. (I then read it our loud to my partner, who also cracked up.) I hope your little boy is feeling better soon. Poor thing probably thinks he dodged a bullet, I bet he wasn’t counting on having to go back for the shots.

  11. Hope he’s feeling better. And that the shots sans boob go alright…

  12. reproducinggenius

    Poor Miles and poor Strawberry for the lack of comforting bosom at next week’s shots! I hope he’s feeling better. He certainly is adorable.

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