Boot camp success?

“Tummy Time Boot Camp” didn’t produce exactly the result we were hoping for. Curly can roll to his back from his front, but he doesn’t really want to, nor does he do it with regularity. After overcoming the initial “Hey, how’d I get onto my tummy?” he protests loudly “HEY! Someone come help me, I’m just a baby!”. When we ignore him (or laugh at him, sorry can’t help it, he’s just too funny) he moves onto “Oh look! My thumb is here too! Guess I’ll take a nap.”

16 responses to “Boot camp success?

  1. That’s precious. Love the onesie too.

  2. reproducinggenius

    That is too cute. I think I’d have a hard time not laughing as well. What a sweet boy.

  3. Oh, the cuteness!

  4. You are truly blessed with this beautiful bundle of joy:)

  5. too friggin’ adorable!

  6. Oh my… adorable, cute, beautiful…and all preciously put-out at the same time! What a story on a face!

  7. Oh, my… He is far too cute! I can’t imagine laughing at that little face. (just kidding, i bet he cracks you up all the time.) 🙂

  8. He is soo cute 🙂

  9. He’s really feeling the boot camp burn! So adorable!

  10. feministhousewife

    The expression on his face in that first one is killing me! He is the cutest!

  11. Too cute! I love the pictures. We laugh at Emmett when he gets mad at being stuck on his stomach too : )

  12. He is one of the cutest babies I”ve seen!

  13. I have exactly the same problem only it’s not so cute when I do it!

    He’s a doll and I love those stripies.

  14. I love the look on his face in that first shot – like he’s trying to tell you there’s no way he’s doing this and what do you think you’re doing making him try lol

  15. Ha! That’s sooo cute and I’d totally laugh as well. Miles is just adorable!

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