PSA: crib safety when your baby begins to roll over

At 16 weeks Curly has mastered the skill of rolling from his back to his belly.  View exhibit A:

Rolling from the belly to the back, which is supposed to come first developmentally, doesn’t come as easily and he gets mightily PISSED OFF.  This has made for some interesting times in the crib at night so this weekend has been dubbed “Tummy Time Boot Camp”, wherein we will place him on his tummy all day to try and improve his belly to back rolling skills.

Oh and that title up there? It refers to exhibit B:

My towel!

My towel!

We had hung his damp bath towel over the end of the crib to dry and when we checked on him a few minutes later, that’s what we found.  When your baby begins to roll around on his own, don’t hang things on the side of the crib. Lesson learned, Curly, lesson learned.

10 responses to “PSA: crib safety when your baby begins to roll over

  1. Holland really only does back to belly too! HE has only done belly to back once or twice and I think they were both by accident!

  2. Ahh bless. It looks like such hard work for them, doesn’t it?

  3. aw, he’s looking so big and grown up in that video! how very sweet!! 🙂

    and the pulling down of the towel is too mischevious!

  4. Way to go! Riley is super close to being able to roll back to belly but isn’t there yet. She can’t do anything from her tummy yet. Let us know how tummy boot camp goes!

  5. The video of Miles is ADORABLE! He looks proud as punch once he rolls over 🙂

    YIKES on the towel picture! One of our girls pulled a burp cloth down onto her – similar to this! GOOD PSA!

  6. Love the look your doggy’s face… And Go Miles Go!!!!

  7. Love it! Can’t wait for the boys to start doing this…Although I think we have to actually put them DOWN to practice? Being preemies, they don’t do things “on schedule” so its just a waiting game. For now I will just watch your boy…keep those videos coming!

  8. so freaking cute.

  9. reproducinggenius

    There is something so sweet about their frustration over achieving these new milestones. One just wants to tell them over and over, “You’ll get it, sweetheart. You will!” I can’t believe how much this boy has grown. He’s positively beautiful.

  10. Next thing you know he will be asking you for the car keys!

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