The cost to bake a cupcake

As much as I’d like to quit my job and spend more time with Curly, I can’t.  Money is the #1 reason.  And in this economy,  I feel very very grateful to have the job that I do. I’ve so far survived several rounds of layoffs, and I even had a member of my team laid off while I was out on maternity leave.  But maybe even more importantly, my employer provides excellent health insurance which typically pays out 90% for allowable procedures and appointments with in-network providers.  No fertility coverage unless you are straight, married and using your husband’s sperm, but for pregnancy its covers everything.  I even had a choice of 2 birth centers that were in network.  I never had to fight them to cover an ultrasound or a medical visit.  Yesterday,  I went through my records and did some totals and I’d like to share them with you in the hopes that someone will find it useful.

actual cost my cost
hospital 8654.28 718.54
OB 3462.00 245.97
midwife 5007.00 429.70
lab 83.00 3.12
nt scan 1350.00 53.71
18556.28 1451.04

Note that these are the charges for my pre-natal care and delivery only.  I saw the OB from 8 weeks until 30 weeks and the midwives after that. It does not include the charges for my chiropractic care, my trip to the ER for morning sickness, or my neurology and physical therapy appointments after the birth.

Take a look at the differnce between the actual cost and the amount I had to pay.  It is staggering. I cannot even begin to imagine what a financial burden it would be to face pregnancy with poor insurance or no insurance.  Even Strawberry’s insurance (from the same major provider, but a different plan) would have ended up costing us nearly twice as much out of pocket (they pay 80% in network).  I don’t really feel informed enough to make an educated opinion about the currently proposed legislation on the reform of the US health care system.  I don’t know that nationalized health care is the answer. But I do know that the system we have is incredibly biased and needs to change.  It disgusts me to know that there are so many people out there that are one accident or illness away from financial ruin.

13 responses to “The cost to bake a cupcake

  1. That still seems like a lot of money to me! I can’t imagine anything BUT nationalised healthcare, though I’m not sure that’s the solution for your country. My delivery cost me nothing. If there’s one thing I DON’T worry about, it’s healthcare, and knowing that it will be the same, whether I win the lottery, or end up broke and sleeping in the gutter is a weight off my mind.

  2. Very well put, Nutella. The costs for medical procedures are staggering (as we found out after my infertility benefit, 50% co-insurance, ran out before our third IUI.) It has been so nice to go through the pregnancy without having to look at a bill.

    I’m grateful for it every day.

  3. looks like a lot to me too. i think im going to end up paying about $1250 for my share of the ob care and hospital stay. not so bad, but i didnt have fertility coverage either and am deep in the whole thanks to ivf. its so infuriating that they can pick and choose who to give IF coverage to…

  4. That still seems like so much! I am lucky and I only has to pay $210 for prenatal care and delivery and postpartum and 3 ultrasounds

  5. I also only have to pay $220 for all OB care and delivery/hospital stay. I feel incredibly lucky to have my insurance (even though I can’t cover Tiff) and hope my job status doesn’t change anytime soon.

  6. its all about having the right insurance. if you don’t.. with how jacked up the economy is ..ur screwed basically.

  7. I am always shocked what it cost for basic health care in the US. In Canada, my midwife, ob, hospital delivery, prenatal class, doula, blood work, required ultrasounds ie 20 week, diabetes testing and screen cost me nothing. I can go the doctor/midwife of my choice and can pick which hospital within my city to delivery at. (Some people pay for prenatal classes and the doula.)

    We paid for most of the fertility treatment ie IVF, IUI’s and sperm. Fertility tests ie HSG, blood work were covered and free as well as all consults with the fertility doctors.

    I truly hope the US finds a better way for families to have health care.

  8. Wow that is some expensive stuff! We’re in the same boat as Canada and the UK in that we don’t have to pay which right now I’m thinking is pretty fabulous!

  9. Lucky your boy didn’t spend any time in the NICU. I am still getting statements from our health insurance showing what they have paid to date for our baby boys. The big guy is up to $356,000 and the little guy about $874,000. And we didn’t have to pay a penny! Couldn’t imagine how someone without coverage or with very little coverage could manage bills like that.

  10. I am very, VERY glad that your insurance covered as much as it did. The most common adverse credit item I see at work is medical collections. I would hate for you to end up like that. I only hope that if it is ever my turn, I would be at least that lucky.

  11. Good point. Its sad that its an either/or. Either you have 80%+ coverage or you have nothing. I can’t imagine having a major health problem with no insurance.

  12. I too can’t imagine how much both my care and Ella’s care cost (and is still costing). We only had to pay for one co-pay for all my ob care ($15) and then 3 hospital admission charges of $150 each. One for Ella and 2 for me (one at the first hospital one for the Boston Hospital). I had 2 to 1 nursing care from admission to delivery which was 2 days and Ella had 1 to 1 nursing care for the first 3 weeks. That and the numerous tests and procedures I really don’t want to see what Ella’s care is costing. I am so glad we have good insurance because we would have been ruined finacially if we had to pay out of pocket!

  13. Hear, hear. Very well said.

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