Date Night, or To Be or Not To Be?

Curly was dealing with a growth spurt the past couple days/nights. This means all he wanted to do all day was eat and sleep, and our normally smooth, quiet nights were broken every few hours by him screaming that he was hungry. He was also fussier than normal. Prior to finding out that he was going through this tough time, Nutella and I had planned on seeing Julie & Julia at our local theater while a trusted neighbor watched Curly for a couple hours. We are very choosy about our movies these days. If we’re both 100% set on seeing something, then we’ll try to find a sitter, but it is definitely a luxury.

Anyway, it was touch and go for a while last night prior to our neighbor coming over. Curly was feeding every 1-2 hours, acting overtired, but not giving in to sleep. As time ticked on, I thought for sure we’d have to cancel our date night. I didn’t feel right about leaving him like that, nor did it feel fair to do to our neighbor. But Nutella held him in his quiet, dark room for a good half hour and he finally drifted off. And then we waited to see if he’d scream awake again prior to our leaving, but he didn’t.

The movie was wonderful and we both kept smiling throughout. But in the back of my mind, I was still extremely anxious about what could be going on at home. I nervously held my cell phone in my hand the whole time just in case our neighbor should text us to come back. Thankfully it didn’t happen, and when we got home we found that he had JUST woken up, was already calmed down and about to get a bottle.

Nutella breastfed him and he fell asleep…for the next 9 hours straight. I wonder if this means his growth spurt is over for now. This was a bit of a long story, but I wanted to show how much life changes when there’s a little one in the picture (as if you didn’t know!). There’s a whole new set of trials and tribulations, worry and wonder, re-prioritization, faith and letting go, and gratitude. There’s so much more than I ever could imagine and all you can do is try to go with the flow.



12 responses to “Date Night, or To Be or Not To Be?

  1. Good to know that you were able to get out for a few hours. Great to have neighbors who will do that, huh? 🙂 He’s adorable.

  2. Wow-that sounds like quite a pickle, but I am glad it all worked out. We have been thinking that now is our time for dates and movies, b/c come January, it will never be the same!!!

  3. aw, miles is such a good baby for pulling it together at the last minute and allowing his mommies a date and a whole night of sleep! the picture of him is adorable!

  4. I’m glad you were able to pull off your date night, and even better, than Miles slept for 9 hours when you returned!

  5. Oh, poor little guy! I’m glad that you were able to see the movie and arrive home just in time. It’s funny how things seem to have a way of working out….

  6. If his feedings stay close together like that you might want to talk to your doctor about starting him on solids at his four month appointment (is that really coming up already?). We wanted to wait until six months with Emmett, but he had other plans. Life is like that now. Its not what we want anymore, its what he needs…

    Glad the date night worked out, I held my cell phone the entire time we were at Away We Go!

  7. Sounds like the last few days we have been having! Not fun! I also know the anxiety of leaving a fussy baby… we went to a concert recently and the big guy didnt do so well. I vowed never to leave him again!

  8. I’m really happy you had the chance to have a quiet evening alone. I’m sure as he gets bigger and you get more comfortable leaving him, it will get easier.

  9. “There’s a whole new set of trials and tribulations, worry and wonder, re-prioritization, faith and letting go, and gratitude.”
    i couldnt agree more! the world as you know it is replaced with is totally different. i am still trying to learn how to get out of the door with the baby and without the baby. Life seems to center around feeding, ha!

  10. It is good that you all got to get out and enjoy a movie together. You all are lucky to have a neighbor that you trust to leave with your little darling. Hope you all take more time like this to enjoy each other.

  11. Wow. He’s so adorable!! love the pics. He’s growing so much!!

  12. I agree that your last two sentences were spot on! And that son of yours is simply gorgeous. -Monics

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